Your Opinion: what browser to setup for a newbie user?

By robo_dev ·
I'm prepping an XP laptop to ship out to a family member. She is not a computer expert, and is using IE6 now...and constantly fighting viruses/spyware, etc, etc.

When I did all the Windows updates stuff, I let it upgrade to Internet Explorer 8. Was this a mistake?

I also installed Firefox on there, but I know that this user has never used Firefox before.

I use Google Chrome on some PCs, but I would expect that a long-term IE user might get confused using chrome, or some compatibility issue might crop up.

So in terms of secure, reliable, compatible and least likely to result in long-distance support calls, should I go with:

a) IE6
b) IE7
c) IE8
d) Firefox 3
e) Chrome

At this point I'm planning to ship with Firefox 3, with security add-ins (WOT, no-script) and leave IE8 on there, but with no icon on the desktop for IE.

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What ever the user is most comfortable with

by CG IT In reply to Your Opinion: what browse ...

Security aside, I would give options. Firefox, IE, and let her decide which one works best.

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My experience

by Twors88 In reply to Your Opinion: what browse ...

I was a firefox fan for awhile with its usage of tabbed browsing before IE7. However, now i am using IE8 and i like it. Very clean look and functional, easy to use and familiar thanks to IE6 for her. I would deffinately install SpyBot S&amp though on her computer to fight the spyware off.

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by robo_dev In reply to My experience

I was hoping to hear that IE8 works OK, so that is very helpful.

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I have to agree.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to My experience

If she's comfortable with IE6, then IE8 shouldn't be all that much different and it's far more secure than IE6 ever thought of being. If you move her to a different browser altogether, there's going to be a huge learning curve.

Besides, since IE8 is being pushed out as a critical patch, the unexperienced might just install it accidentally and then wonder what's going on. Best to just start her out with it in the first place.

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I'm thinking

by jimmy-jam In reply to Your Opinion: what browse ...

FireFox would be my first choice. I actually switched my computer illiterate parents over to FF from IE7 because I got tired of all the "support" calls because dad perpetually clicked on any link in any email someone sent him and inevitably ended up with 50 toolbars (yes I am exaggerating )on his IE.

FF behaves more like IE but in my opinion isn't subject to the same pitfalls. FWIW.


P.S. as the user gets a little more familiar there are some nifty plug-ins for FF that I like.

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I like to

by Jacky Howe In reply to Your Opinion: what browse ...

keep it as a standard install when introducing new users to the Operating System. There is plenty of time later for them to try new software as they gain their confidence. I don't think that letting it upgrade to IE8 was a mistake as I haven't had any problems with it and I've been using it for awhile now.
Also add MalwareBytes to the list and add it to the System tray so that it is noticeable.

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Well my 2 cents worth here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Your Opinion: what browse ...

Is I would leave Infernal Exploder 8 on the system as at some point that is exactly what will get loaded so it's better to start off with it in the beginning rather than have this person ringing you up wanting to know how to remove the change.

If IE is what she is used to and she doesn't want to learn to use a computer your more or less stuck with it and while IE8 is better than IE6 that isn't saying a lot. I would make sure that you install Spy Bot, CCleaner and Malware Bytes on the system to clean up after IE and inexperienced users though.


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