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Your Privacy Has Been Violated, I have your address

By Dr Dij ·
Cnet sent out a mailing asking for opinions on online searches for people. Their example, new website (there are many such websites) is scary. (limit it to the state you live in if you have a common name)

It shows my actual home address for free to anyone (tho no apt# but presumably for $20 you could get that). I don't own the building, so is not from property records.

The only other options are voter registration and utility bills (electric). I don't have a land line. My cel (not unlisted phone# but no address listed) phone bill goes to my mailbox as do ALL other mail.

My office co-worker says it has a stale address in addition to current address, so in his case may be from property records.

I'm asking anyone who cares about their privacy to get ticked off and do something. I'm not sure what. Congress? Perhaps if we sent them listings for each congressperson to them. I don't think this info should be online.

I don't think Europeans have this problem. How about in UK, or Australia?

And developing countries are probably too disorganized to have this kind of info online, many can't even put street addresses for mail delivery, instead it is things like 'third building beyond intersection of...'

I was going to type in 'osama bin laden' and if it came up with hits forward it to the authorities but no, this is just for US citizens it appears.

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This is Unbelievable

by j.lupo In reply to Your Privacy Has Been Vio ...

I don't know where they got their information, but it is WRONG in my case. Oh they have 2 records for me, but the birthdate in both is wrong and one of the records is the wrong address.

It is almost as if someone is keying this stuff in and getting it wrong anyway.

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Time to check user agreements more closely

by sMoRTy71 In reply to Your Privacy Has Been Vio ...

I was checking the site out this morning, too. Lots of info on me going back to addresses I had in college.

I am assuming that someone (my bank?, my credit card company?, the phone company?) is selling all of our info to third parties.

I guess it is time to pay more attention to the user agreement when you sign up for services.


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Generally "opt out"

by j.lupo In reply to Time to check user agreem ...

Lately I have been opting out of all that stuff so that they can't give my information away. You have to look at the really fine print to find it, but I guess I didn't get all of them.

Oh and if anyone put their info on the US national do not call list, this is a published directory - so . . .

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No web pages have my address

by Dr Dij In reply to Generally "opt out"

There has not been a time in my life I've used the address where I live on a web page. I ship everything to my (private) mail box in a dift city nearby. Even my credit card bills go there so is OK with companies to ship there as same address.

I did goto another reverse lookup page by phone# and it showed my actual street address so I'm guessing phone company gave or sold the info. I asked for several of these to remove my listing and they did. Not sure this one has a remove me button.

My do not call registry entry included only my phone# and my mailbox so this wasn't it.

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Didn't have to come from Web Page

by j.lupo In reply to No web pages have my addr ...

It is possible they got the information from some other source where you did provide the information. Could be you bought something. Most likely area based on what you have said is if you ever got a traffic ticket or some legal proceding. These are public records.

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you need a Data Protection Bill

by 2WiReD In reply to Didn't have to come from ...

man oh man i keep forgetting how lucky it is to live in Ireland. Stringent Data Protection laws enusre that if you find out that any entity owns any 'sensetive' information on you, inc phone number, email addresss etc, you can apply to them in writing to update/correct/remove such information within 30 days or they face a private lawsuite & they get chased-up by a government body and can get fines and/or jail time. also, you can ask any entity that may/may not be holding pivate data on you to give you access to EVERYTHING they have on you, so you can chase up any past performance reviews etc for old employers, check up on notes written about you during interviews etc! even stuff landlords have written down.
however in the US its commonplace for companies to buy/sell/swap any&all info theyve gotten on you...

Hoo hum privicy is goooood

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Just NEVER use your name

by Oz_Media In reply to Time to check user agreem ...

My house isn't in my name, mu back account isn't in my name, my cell phone isn't in my name, my cable connection and internet services are not in my name.

A few years back, I had completely disappeared from Canada AND the UK as far as each government was concerned i just 'no longer lived in teh country'.

But since then I've had to renew passport, PR card etc. So I have a little more tracking on me, but at least that's somewhat secure, the immigration offices have pretty tight security.

You should see my Canadian Immigration/PR card, it has holograms with my photo, my photo is IN the magnetic strip, etched information, scrolled and resized information etc. It's gotta cost some decent dough to produce them, i've never seen such tight security on a card before.

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I'm betting

by Salamander In reply to Your Privacy Has Been Vio ...

That the source is from department of motor vehicles or voter registration records. Stalkers' paradise.

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I think you're right

by Dr Dij In reply to I'm betting

because I moved from one apt at same address to another apt# a couple years ago. I DIDN'T update my voter reg for privacy reasons as it shows up the same basic address.

Even if you have nothing to hide it only eases identity theft, and other targeted thefts, stalking, physical attack from ex's, anyone else you've ever ticked off, and is a bit crazy, etc.

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Don't think so

by nell In reply to I'm betting

I have a nickname that I use in my every day life, but my given name is used for all legal stuff. I searched myself and it listed my nickname! I have used that for some magazine subscriptions, but that's about it. Strange.

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