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By ITTech2 ·
I work for a company that every christmas, they give out christmas bonus's. Usually everyone gets something even if its just a few $$.

However, this year, everyone but myself got one. I called my manager on this and asked the reason why, and he informed me that I was lucky to even have a job as I had my resume posted on a site. I informed him that the resume was there way before I was hired for this company and I use it for contract work outside the company. He told me I was not getting a bonus this year.

Yet everything I've done for the company I've gone beyond my call of duty. They don't do reviews or annuals at this place. But I've not gotten any bad feed back.

After my manager told me this, I proceeded to leave. I then called his supervisor and we set up a meeting for Monday to discuss the situation.

Unfortunately these two are brothers. So I don't feel that I will get anywhere.

What are your suggestions?

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Consult with a lawyer

by Oldefar In reply to Your Reaction

I would try to delay that meeting, and first consult with a lawyer who specializes in labor law. An annual bonus to all employees from a company may be part of total compensation and prevent selective application.

My guess is that your boss has a very strong need to feel employees are loyal to him personally, and that seeing your resume hurt his self image. Finding out that it was his error in interpretation further damaged it.

While a happy reconciliation is probably unlikely, you should at least make sure that it has the least amount of personal damage to you.

Check with legal aid or even a union like CWA or AFL-CIO to find a lawyer. There may be no cost to you, so at least check.

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by TheChas In reply to Your Reaction

If nothing else, this situation should be a red flag about problems with how this company is run.

A small business that operates with informal policies can be either a good opportunity, or a disaster.

If they are so petty for such a minor issue, what may happen if something more substantial arises?

A bonus system that is not based on performance does not need to follow the same rules that apply to other pay issues.

That said, your reaction was rash.
It sounds like you did not stop to think about the repercussions of your action.

How will you explain why you left to a new employer?

In most areas of the US, you do NOT qualify for unemployment if you leave a job on a voluntary basis.

With any luck, you can come back to work.
However, it is time to look for a new job!!!


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Run Away

by worker bee In reply to RUN!!!

You do not want to go back to work for this company. If you are getting contract work on the side then you don't have to put up with this garbage. If you stay at this company you will be tormented by these jerks every day. There is no going back now.

Monday they will probably ask you to stay for a couple of weeks and document a bunch of stuff for a smooth changeover from you to your replacement. My advice is to either tell them to ram it or hold them up for a big severence. Who knows, maybe if you really put the screws to them they won't be so nasty to the next person in that position.

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Call it a day

by Oz_Media In reply to Your Reaction

It sounds like your boss got the wrong opinion from seeing your resume and acted instinctively and can obviously not admit a mistake and award you a bonus.

I worked for a company several years ago that handed out a few grand to everyone at Christmas time, based on your time with the company. Everyone got a Christmas card with a bonus amount written in it, you had a choice of a company RRSP or having payroll just addot to your check.

One girl was quite upset hwen she found out that it was too close to Christmas to have the bonus added BEFORE Christmas and it was on the first check of January. This was an oversight by the boss who had been on vacation. He wouldn't admit they were INTENDED as Christmas bonuses and said it was just a year end thank you, not specifically a Christmas bonus.

She went on to complain to HR that this was a Christmas card and she would REALLY appreciate them adding it before the NewYeat.

Her bonus was revoked completely and she got nothing.

Bottom line, it was a bonus. Not part of a structured pay system, not a profit share but some additional money for each employee given from the good of the boss's heart.

He was not obligated to pay the bonus, he was not obligated to provide a reason for NOT giving the bonus, or in this case, take it back.

Needless to say,it was only four weeks more before they found 'just cause' to terminate her employment after 8 years.

How does the saying go? Don't look a gift horse in the mouth?

I thnk YOU wer out of line for complaining. Whether or notthe boss midunderstood your resume post or not is irrelevant, he chose NOT to give you a bonus. Unless this is a contracted or structured bonus, profit share or year end payout of an agreed salary, you are wonrg in your complaint. I think the boss figured , If you don't like it, leave and you have.

So go and work for the competition and become a star employee that takes them to the next level, your boss will defenitely feel your presence then as your old boss wallows in his haste.

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Start looking for another job.

by LesDabney67 In reply to Your Reaction

If you are a consultant take your customers with you when you go.

Give him a big FU when you leave.

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Yeah then get sued for that..

by TomSal In reply to Start looking for another ...

First check that their are now contracts, policies, etc. regarding customers with the company. Ie. "If you leave our employ you can't do business with any of our established client base for x amount of time".

Else, yeah someone will give a big FU -- the company to the employee.

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by ITTech2 In reply to Yeah then get sued for th ...

never seen anything or signed for anything as such, so it can't be held against me.

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Take the high road - but the road outta' there

by maxwell edison In reply to Your Reaction

Dear Boss,

I was disappointed, to say the least, to discover that I was the only one in the entire company to be overlooked for the annual Christmas bonus. Moreover, I was surprised to hear your reason for such an omission. The fact that an on-line service still has my resume on file doesn't detract from the years of dedicated service I've given the company. I never did plan to leave the company, and if you were concerned about such a possible outcome, I would have been happy to discuss it with you and set your mind at ease. The resume remained with the service only to provide some leads for me to do a little bit of outside consulting. The consulting work I do does not conflict or interfere with my position here, nor is it in violation of the written company policy. And in today's financially tough times, I think it's certainly understandable for a person to seek a little extra income.

You suggested that I was lucky to have a job here and that I shouldn't complain. Well, I feel that any employer-employee relationship should be equally beneficial to both, and your sentiment made it painfully obvious to me that you don't feel the same way. Considering the fact that I've never had a performance review that indicated there was a problem with my work ethic, and further considering that many people recognize the "above and beyond" dedication I've given the company, I can't help but feel that my efforts here are going unappreciated.

I've therefore decided that it would be best if my time with your company came to an end. I regret having to make such a decision, but I think it may be best for all people involved. Rest assured, I'll give the appropriate two weeks notice, and I'll do whatever is necessary to make the transition go as smoothly as possible. If you would like to discuss this with me further, I'll certainly welcome such a discussion. In the absence of such a discussion, however, I'll assume that you concur, in which case my last day with the company will be two weeks from the date on this notice.


John Doe


Of course, you'll have to be ready, willing and able to say bye bye. If that is not the case, be prepared to feast on a little bit of humble pie.

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No reason to stay

by Joseph Moore In reply to Your Reaction

It is my feeling that there is an issue of respect between employer and employee. As the employee, you need to respect your employer, do the things they ask of you, work your best, complete the assignments you are given, and follow the policies and procedures the company employs.
The employer needs to respect your needs as an employee, they need to not make demands that are absurd or beyond your abilities, and they need to compensate you accordingly.
I could understand the employer being concerned at seing your resume.
What gets me is that AFTER you explained that it was an old resume, one you didn't maintain since you were happy as their employee, that the employer freaked out!
With-holding the resume AND saying you were "lucky" to still have a job are just childish things to do.
For that alone, I would leave.
Good luck.

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Tough call

by jkaras In reply to Your Reaction

In this situation it sucks to be left out. Many people plan on the upincoming bonus for their holidays and are shocked when it doesnt come. I'm not out to defend the "boss" so to speak but have you considered how well the company is doing? Times are tough for all and I know from experience when my parents were in business. Some months we were living large and others, weenies and beans for meals to make payroll. If you ran a business and had trouble giving a bonus, would you forget it or give a good one to many but not all and rotate each year so no one is forgotten? I admit it sucks, but do you think you were singled out or there wasnt enough to go around which bothers you? The you're lucky crack could have been do to the frustration/embarrassment that they couldnt provide for all and gave alot away only to get spit on. It's bad form to complain, but I completely understand that you were excluded and embarrassed. My roomate got passed up for this years bonus. He and another who did more work overall rather than the others who only worked on completing a project that needed help from my roomate and associate to finish on top of their nornal duties. Both were hurt and pissed, but the boss had exclude two and it came down to a hat of names, it was a corparate bonus. ONe person got the bonus only to get it witheld due to probation issues.

Personally I think you got the only satisfaction by confronting him about the failure to provide that will be a wedge between your working relationship. Move on or stay but talking to someone about a situation to make clear is better than quitting or submitting a letter of intent. If these brothers are truly "professional" they will understand your point of view as well as explain the how and the why they made their decision.

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