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"Your security is our top concern."

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Will Windows security be better in 2006?

by darthbudge In reply to "Your security is our top ...

Recently quite a few critical holes were found in windows XP and so this prompted Microsoft to make patches fixing some of these holes but like most Microsoft programs these patches were rushed out and had there own holes and all of this causes some people to ask the question "Will Microsoft make Windows security better in 2006?" I will discuss what I think about this and why Linux has always been winning the security race.

I think that Microsoft make Windows for people who don't know about computers or people who want the ease of Windows, where as if you look at Linux it was hard for people who know nothing about computers until recently when there has become a revolution for developers to make Linux useable by all people.

Windows makes it so that it has a minimal level of security out of the box without the user even clicking the mouse but makes it a pain to make it more secure.

Now Linux on the other hand has no security out of the box, except for the fact that there is very little Malware for it, but if you know a little about computers you can make it as secure as Area 51.

What have we learned here? It is that TRUE security requires some computer knowledge and Microsoft has to make Windows useable by all people so unless developers can make Security apps easier to use be people who know nothing about computers or people will stop making Malware everything will stay the same as it always has been OK but not good enough.

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