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    Your thoughts on the Windows Core OS move?

    by godwoulntgveumoret ·


    Me personally, I find it very ambitious and a great step forward for all OSes. It’s basically the longhorn componentization effort but being handled more effectively. There are some flaws I do find though, mainly concerning why someone would want to move from 10 to Core OS. Also, I find that if Microsoft wants to stay relevant, Win32 has to go at some point, despite how much Microsoft banks on it. I think recent moves away from Win32 is to show that Microsoft is trying to move away from Win32. The issue though is that no one is adopting it, I am kinda curious as to why that is?

    However, what are your thoughts? Do you think Microsoft can survive without Win32? Or is Microsoft doomed to legacy compatibility for its existence? Is core OS a good or bad move in your guys’s thoughts?
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      Windows Core OS

      by bruno_johnson ·

      In reply to Your thoughts on the Windows Core OS move?

      Trying to keep up with Microsoft’s internal Windows Core OS (WCOS) project is no easy task. They found it challenging to keep up with all the different codenames, plans, and changes being made to Windows with Windows Core OS. So, to try and keep things in line, they’ve compiled this ultimate guide for Windows Core OS, CShell, and everything in between.

      Windows Core OS is something they’ve been writing about since early 2017 and has been in the works for much longer. It’s the future of Windows, which takes the shared code of OneCore and builds a modern, legacy-free OS on top of it. Windows Core OS, along with CShell, allows Microsoft to create new versions of Windows 10 quickly, and share standard components and features across different device types and WCOS versions quickly and easily. Today, Windows 10 is several different operating systems across the many device types it can run on.

      Kind Regards,
      Bruno J

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      Your thoughts on the Windows Core OS move?

      by bonnieshona ·

      In reply to Your thoughts on the Windows Core OS move?

      This is exactly it. When Windows stops running old applications and games, customers will move on. There’s very little right now keeping customers from doing that. ChromeOS has grown up quickly over the past year or so and with Linux, Play Store, Win32 app support through Crossover, and (rumored upcoming) Windows Store support – and now reports that Microsoft is building its own Chromium-based web browser – ChromeOS is looking pretty good as the next step.

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      Seems like a good idea

      by bob.b ·

      In reply to Your thoughts on the Windows Core OS move?

      Think of it as a wheel with spokes.
      The OS is the hub.
      At the end of each spoke is a module to support some function or device.

      Seems like an easier setup to maintain.
      As for what MSFT will support or not I have no idea.

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      Windows Core OS

      by arinamichel911 ·

      In reply to Your thoughts on the Windows Core OS move?

      It good to move on the Windows Core OS. It is faster and make your system fast. Go ahead

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