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You're still misunderstanding me, and you still stick with attacking me instead

By tech ·
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No misunderstanding...

by tech In reply to You're still misunderstan ...

... not really attacking you either, simply attacking your position.

I call them like I see them. You were the one that defined a fan boy, I simply stated you fit the description perfectly. I stand by that. There is nothing 'wrong' with being a fan boy, and I don't mean it personally.

I feel I did address the real facts. As a matter of fact I cited several of them, which you dismissed as irrelevant, or inaccurate.

Microsoft WAS the most relevant software/tech company in the world. I don't think that is true today. In fact, while Microsoft is certainly a monopoly on the desktop, that is really the only place I think they still really dominate. The only other area, is MS SQL, and that is largely because of requirements of third party software.

The future lies in what you call gadgets. Smartphones, tablets, and other 'cloud connected' devices. Those devices will never again REQUIRE Microsoft. Microsoft fell behind Apple and Android, the future of the consumer devices does not lie in the desktop, except in business where there is a lot of data input / creation. Consumers of data will access data via any device from nearly anywhere.

Just like punch cards as a method of entering and / or storing data went away so will the Microsoft PC as a way to view that data. The writing is everywhere. PC sales are slowing dramatically, Tablet and Smartphone sales are sky rocketing. The market has said quite loudly and clearly that they don't want to be locked to a desk or a platform any more.

History, too, is on my side. Companies don't stay on top forever. I have never predicted that Microsoft will cease to exist, but they are no longer the only game in town. There are more effective, cheaper, more secure options, and people (and companies) are using them. It is not a matter of denial. The evidence is all around. The evidence shows that, Microsoft sees that and they are trying to correct for it, but when your a huge ship you can't maneuver like a speed boat. That is one of the prices of becoming so large, you lose the agility, you have to spread your focus over too many areas. When that happens all your products suffer. You can see this time and again in business.

Were it not for IBM's mis-steps Microsoft would have never came into being. In trying to become all things to all people Microsoft has virtually assured that they will fail. I don't mean they will cease to exist, but they will fail to be all things to all people, which, in my estimation has already happened.

If you were to get cancer, would you just go to your GP and have him/her treat you, or would you go to a specialist?

I got my first tablet last year. Quite frankly, I thought it would be a toy and would probably sit at the side of my desk as a dust collector. I use my tablet all the time (not an Apple product by the way). I read and reply to emails, read the news, even access work and perform server maintenance from my tablet. In fact at work I find myself replying to emails from my smartphone rather than the windows client sitting right there on the desktop. I sit at my desk when I need to code, or when I need a lot of screen space to layout a PCB (Printed Circuit Board). But most people don't do what I do and have little need for a desktop anymore. In many cases that is true in business too.

As I said consumers of information will leave the desktop behind. Makers of information will still have the desktop, but due to the nature of the cloud will not be required to use Microsoft. They may use Microsoft, but even if they do there are far more consumers of information than creators of information.

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A great example

by Tigger_Two In reply to You're still misunderstan ...

Of why "Go Offline" totally BITES as an alternative in discussions.

Just an opinion. Mine.

Issues- no way to know what discussion spawned this reply and no reason for this reasoned thinking to appear in "Off Topic".

Re think, please. The automatic assumption that a tangent is irrelevant and requires re-direction is erroneous.

To the poster- I am frustrated that I have no way to know what you are debating (original thread) and am voicing this frustration. I can't comment on your position as I have no idea what it is relevant to. Well... some.

I would love to reply to some of your points, but without context, I don't have a sense that I can do so intelligently.

TR, you can do better than this...

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Yeah... and while you're at it TR

by AnsuGisalas In reply to A great example

Please make all discussions taken to the water cooler from posts made by Adornoe clearly marked as such.

Come to think of it, I always know when something has been touched by Adornoe... there is a very telling disturbance in the force.

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Oh, now.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Yeah... and while you're ...

Follow your nose.

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The way is a pain

by NickNielsen In reply to A great example

Click on the thread title to go to the post that was replied to.
Click on "View entire thread" to see the post in context...without, of course, the off-line response.

Then tab back and forth to see it all. Isn't it wonderful?

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Could'na said it better.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to You're still misunderstan ...

The automatic assumption that a tangent is irrelevant and requires re-direction is erroneous.


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