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Yuk's Up!

By gadgetgirl ·
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Morning all!

I figured it was my turn this time.

Have a bit of Friday silliness on me. I've had some fun with this in here this morning....

Make your new name:

Use the third letter of your first name to determine your new first name:

a = poopsie b = lumpy
c = buttercup d = gadget
e = crusty f = greasy
g = fluffy h = cheeseball
i = chim-chim j = stinky
k = flunky l = boobie
m = pinky n = zippy
q = slimy r = loopy
s= snotty t = tootie
u = dorkey v = squeezit
w = oprah x = skipper
y = dinky z = zsa-zsa

Use the second letter of your last name to determine the first half of your new last name:

a = apple b = toilet
c = giggle d = burger
e = girdle f = barf
g = lizard h = waffle
i = cootie j = monkey
k = potty l = liver
m = banana n = rhino
o = bubble p = hamster
q = toad r = gizzard
s = pizza t = gerbil
u = chicken v = pickle
w = chuckle x = tofu
y = gorilla z = stinker

Use the fourth letter of your last name to determine the second half of your new last name:

a = head b = mouth
c = face d = nose
e = tush f = breath
g = pants h = shorts
i = lips j = honker
k = butt l = brain
m = tushie n = chunks
o = hiney p = biscuits
q = toes r = buns
s = fanny t = sniffer
u = sprinkles v = kisser
w = squirt x = humperdinck
y = brains z = juice

Thus, for example, George W. Bush's new name is Goober Chickenshorts.

Unfortunately, mine comes out as: Zippy Apple-Butt?.. and I work with a guy called Boobie Gerbil-Kisser??? :^0

C'mon, join in! What's your new name?


Have a wonderful weekend!

Edited to add: Greasy Liver-Lips should know exactly who he is!! <gigglefit>

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My name is:

by Shellbot In reply to Yuk's Up!

Crusty Pizza Brain


Your at it early GG! I've not got one to post yet..and i'm only in this morning in the afternoon have a company do, so probably won't get a chance to post.

I'm sick
Some sort of tummy thing yesterday afternoon, and now woke up with a banging sinus cold..throat is burning and head is pounding..

have a good weekend!

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oh, dear, Shell... <shakes head sadly>

by gadgetgirl In reply to My name is:

Please, dear, don't go telling people that I'm "at it early"...... sheesh.....

How the tummy now? Will it be ok for the company do?

Taken any meds yet?


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by Shellbot In reply to oh, dear, Shell... <shake ...

well..i've taken so much immodium i probably won't go for a week..and I'm hoping Benelyn cold and flu will get me through the day..they don't seem to be doing too terribly much though (usually they sort me out fine)

so not sure if i should be drinking tonight
if i get much worse, i may have to head home to bed..typicall me..sick for my party and the weekend.
plus, 2 of my co-workers came in with bad tummy's i probably started it off..

sorry about the "early" thing :)..i'll rephrase

Wow GG, your up and full of energy bright an early, posting a yuk to get us early ones laughing :)

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SHELLY you are sounding so much like a male

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to dying

That's it not funny! One little paper cut and most males think that they need to be admitted to Horesiptal for several days and several hundred stitches put in for a 1 quarter inch cut. At least that's what all the females keep telling me males are such sooks that they complain about the slightest thing and they are always dyeing from it as well. It's terrible having Medical people in the family and even worse knowing more of them. :_|

I've been taught that unless there are bones sticking out there is nothing to complain about even when I had to have my Gall Bladder removed all I could do was go to the local horsepital and say that I wasn't all that well so the Quack there examined me pumped in 1 Lt of Saline and told me to go home as I had an upset stomach. 3 Hours latter after an Emergency Ultra Sound I was rushed into the local meat works for emergency surgery. Where I saw the fool who had told me that I had an upset stomach and then he disappeared but not before screwing me over by loosing my medical papers. Seems that he didn't want it known that I had been there earlier that day and he had sent me away insisting that there was nothing wrong with me. :^0

I didn't even want to go near a meat-works when I dropped that car on me as I was perfectly OK with only a few broken ribs but once the quacks get a hold of you they make a big deal out of nothing. Here's how I looked on 9-11-2001

I personally thought that I looked fine as I was only bleeding from the eyes, ears & nose but no the quacks had to make such a big deal out of a little incident that it wasn't funny.

Oh Don't laugh as you might keep moving. :)

Col ]:)

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Wow, like males?

by w2ktechman In reply to SHELLY you are sounding s ...

In my family, and others that I know, we avoid the Dr as much as possible.
The last time I went to the hospital was when I had glass in my eye, the time before that, road rash (totalled my bike, was forced to go).

But I also do not take pills well, even aspirin (or ibuprofin -- however it is spelled), is a rarity.

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Isn't it fun having stuff scraped out of your eyes?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Wow, like males?

Yep I've been there done that and it's something that I really don't care to repeat though it was an occupational hazard when I was working my way through Uni fixing Sewing Machines. Seems that every time a Needle broke it would shatter and you would end up with some of it in your eye or eyes if you where silly enough to actually be wearing Safety Glasses to protect your eyes.

I just love how you can see through the middle of the needle that they use to scrape it out and then insist that you keep your eye still as what looks like a telegraph pole is shoved into your eye, then as they move the needle around you get to see the light up the middle and they wonder why I try to run away it's pure self preservation noting else is involved. :^0

But no matter how much I hate Hospitals and Doctors I still firmly believe that the Dentist is still by far the worst person to visit. They enjoy inflicting pain and instead of just fixing the problem tooth even if that involved pulling it they find more work that they insist needs doing. The last time I was forced to the dentist as I left I was pulled up by the police and as I couldn't talk they thought that I was drunk.

When I wrote out that I was just leaving the Dentist they both pulled faces and sent me packing. I managed 35 years without seeing a dentist and I'm hoping that I can go another 35 years before I have to see another one. Those people really enjoy their job way too much for my liking.


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our experiences differed a bit

by w2ktechman In reply to Isn't it fun having stuff ...

With me, they used something to keep my eye open, then sprayed some liquid in it. Then they looked with a special (huge) machine to see if they got it out.

It was painless but uncomfortable. But the wait was much worse, cause my eye was bugging me and tearing constantly, and I had to wait 3 hours to get into a room and another 45 minutes before they started.
But, it was worth it, cause when I was done, I felt much better (actually, the next day cause I went home and went to bed afterwards).
However, my brother had a different story, they needed to sand down something (lasik would not work). I think it was his retina. Wow, he was hating life for almost a week.
He described the procedure as being awake and looking at a belt sander on your eyeball.

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Well it's been quite a while since I had this done

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Isn't it fun having stuff ...

And they may have changed the treatment but way back when Moses was a child they used to clamp your eye open apply some form of anaesthetic and then dye to allow the objects in your eye/s to be seen easier and then clamp your head in this monster of a device which shone a bright blue light into your eye and then they would scrape out the bits of metal and any rust that had formed while you where waiting to get the bit of metal out.

One night I hit a very expensive horse which some vandals had let out and then scared the living daylights out of so it ran straight onto the road in front of me and the laminated windscreen sent small shards of glass into the inside of the car and naturally into my eyes. That was really uncomfortable but what was even worse is attempting to ride an over powered Ducati around with only 1 eye open to see with as you have no Depth Perception. The night of the collision they scrapped about 30 pieces of glass out of my left eye and then the next day when I returned the scraped heaps of glass out of my right eye and then some more out of my left eye so I had patches on each eye and had caught a cab down the second time.

I'm not quite sure what was worse having the glass scraped out or facing SWMBO with dye on my shirt that didn't wash out. She was all worried till it came time to attempt to clean the to dye stained shirts and then it was my fault.


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Ahh, much the same then

by w2ktechman In reply to Isn't it fun having stuff ...

Now that you mention it, the yellow dye and blue light seem to fall back into memory. Unpleasant.

But, they shot liquid to flush the glass out, never scraped. Then they looked again afterwards and said that they got it cause it wasnt in there anymore.
The liquid was not water, but was a super-lubricant of some sort.

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You got off easy.

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Isn't it fun having stuff ...

By the sounds of things the glass was floating on the surface of your eye and they could just flush it out.

Every time that I've had that done I've had bits of whatever embedded in my eye/s so they have had to scrape it out because they where unable to flush it out or the doctor doing the procedure wanted the experience of inflicting as much fright as possible knowing that without a Depth of Field you couldn't successfully Punch their Lights Out.


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