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Locked and do not acknowledge any relationship with your company.

By kirk227 ·
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I have used the same credentials for all three and never had a problem. I just ask it the affiliation was over and they all started typing rapidly to see who could write the dumbest answers. bottom line, they've never heard of I truly think ahundred or so rhesus monkeys got loose, found the booze and they're having fun. I twice gave them 3 perfectly valid addresses one is the one you use and every one but g,mail was claimed not to exist. They were acting as if they were winding down from a major drunk and I strongly suggest you find out whats going on. Get a throwaway email and write them with a simple question and see what happens. I thought are you still associated with zdnet or techrepublic? was pretty clear not a sole had a clue what I meant or even what a net was.

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You're right

by santeewelding In reply to and do not a ...
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I've got one

by NickNielsen In reply to You're right
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I'm not having any problems

by CharlieSpencer In reply to and do not a ...

I've been on ZDNet at least twice this week, using the same credentials I use here. Can you be more specific about what you're seeing? Error messages, maybe?

I've found the discussions over there to be less active but more shrill.

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email address not valid

by kirk227 In reply to I'm not having any proble ...

I guess more specifically I can't confirm that my credentials were invalid at both, I assumed that if I couldn't get on cnet the same was probably true of zdnet. I may have assumed incorrectly.

I was trying to logon to cnet and had a series of bizarre incidents. I was online for 4 hours fixing it.

They said my email address was either not registered or didn't exist even though I've used it for 10+ years. I verified my emil address with them and they said it belonged to someone else. I explained I was that someone and requested a new password. Moments later I got an email saying "The email address you gave us is invalid according to the ISP. I received this email on the "invalid address". They insisted though so I opened a new account.

I never chose a user name but all of a sudden one was there and it was an alternate email address. I wasn't allowed to change it because "that user name belongs to someone else.
I reiterated I am that someone. Again they sent me an email saying they were unable to send or receive email from thae address I gave them. I asked how, then, did you receive my question and how am I receiving this answer? This again on the same email that "belonged to .....". It was a night mare, and when it was over They sent me a new email saying thanks for opening an account with cnet. Actually they sent 2. One for the new acct. and one for the account that belonged to someone else.

I'm still waiting for an apology. By the way, when I asked them outright if they were no longer affiliated with zdnet and TR they said they had no affiliation with either company.

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List of sites your login is good with

by brandons In reply to and do not a ...

When you create an account with TechRepublic, you also gain access to the following CBS properties:
- MoneyWatch
- SmartPlanet
- ZDNet

CNET, and VersionTracker require a different login to be created and used at this time.

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Finally, an explanation

by kirk227 In reply to List of sites your login ...

I never even meant my email to be posted on the forums. I just sent an email directly to TechRepublic and for some reason they posted it. Now I'm glad they did or I'd have never known what you just told me.

Nevertheless, cnet's ineptitude was unbelievable to me. Trying to communicate with them was one of my top 100 or so internet frustration experiences.

Thanks for clearing it up. Now someone needs to tell cnet that TR is a partner of theirs because whoever emailed me had never heard of them.

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The world

by NexS In reply to Finally, an explanation

is full of idiots.

It's not surprising that you've come across one.

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Customer Service links for future reference

by brandons In reply to Finally, an explanation

it's good that this question was posted onto the forums. Not only does it allow you to get the information you need, but it allows others to get it as well.

I'm sorry to hear about the difficulty you had reaching out the folks at our CNET branded sites. For future reference, you can find the Customer Service center here:

It contains a general knowledge base and allows you to submit questions as well. Our own Customer Service center for TechRepublic can be found at:

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not knowing where you work

by razorex In reply to Customer Service links fo ...

I had hired on a number of contractors for a project that I was heading up. They had been brought in by a small, local firm and were all local IT professionals.

One day, I had one my client-side managers come to me and ask me, why I had pushed through security requisitions for someone who didn't work for me, and that broke their security protocols... it was ugly. (This particular manager didn't like my company's focus at what we were doing and he would cause trouble whenever possible.)

So, I'm scrambling to figure out what he's talking about (1. because he wouldn't tell me the name of the contractor in question. 2. I knew that I hadn't obviated protocol in any way. I followed the on-boarding process to the letter) so that I don't end up getting kicked off the premises before I can figure out what's happened. Luckily, he had informed one of his superiors as to what was going on and they came in to my rescue.

It turned out, the contractor in question had never been told the name of the company he was being subbed under, only the name of the client and my personal name. This was his first day on site.

The only positive that came out of that was that my professional PITA was finally seen for the troublemaker that he was and was eased off the project.

As I've been fond of saying, "Nothing is ever fool-proof, as the universe is continually making more and more efficient fools."

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