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ZDNet's Jason Perlow Completely blows it ....actually!

By maclovin ·
Please read the following article, and tell me what you think:

I think that Jason, the writer, is way off-base, considering Apple's progress since their first actual "server release".

Who the **** knows what 10.7 will hold??? Certainly NOT Jason Perlow. Also, who releases updates of their server OS literally almost every year?....certainly not please, let's seriously look at this for a second.


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by maclovin In reply to ZDNet's Jason Perlow Comp ...

....he even throws in a fabricated "fact":

"However, the operating system has some shortcomings, such as a lack of support for some of the more popular media technologies of recent years, such as playing DVDs and recording CDs."

WTF!!?!?! Since when???

Unless I'm absolutely wrong about this, and high, I think he's wrong.

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by jperlow In reply to Also....

Where in the article did I say that?

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Thoughts? My first one...

by CharlieSpencer In reply to ZDNet's Jason Perlow Comp ...

is that you didn't reply directly to Jason's article, at least not using the name 'maclovin'. Since TR and ZDNET have a common membership, you could have. Instead you've chosen to address his comments here, in a separate post where he can't see or respond to your positions.

Summarized, he hasn't blown it; you have.

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by maclovin In reply to Thoughts? My first one.. ...

Ah, I just didn't want to signup for another account. But, I would be HAPPY to post on there, with the same exact name.

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In that case,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Actually...

you can log on to ZDNet using your TR credentials.

Regardless, it's good 'netiquette' to address an author's work in the forum where his content is published. If this requires creating a new account, I recommend you do so. Starting a new discussion in another forum gives the impression you want to attack the original author in a fashion he will not detect, or want to have the last word in a way the author cannot respond to.

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I apologize, it was not meant that way....

by maclovin In reply to In that case,

Hey, I like Macs, I TRULY can't care a bit what people think of me or my comments!

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by maclovin In reply to Thoughts? My first one.. ...

My same reply has now been posted there...under the same name.

Oh, and thanks for pointing out the common membership thing, I didn't have any idea!

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And on BNET....

by tcavadias Staff In reply to DONE!

your membership also carries over to BNET ( MoneyWatch (

-Tammy [_]3

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to ZDNet's Jason Perlow Comp ...

We're reduced to throwing apples through windows, are we?


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good one!

by .Martin. In reply to Ah...

I was close to uttering a three letter abbreviation for laughter but I will not lower myself to it...

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