Zenworks leaving log files in user home directory?

By ZoSoSwiM ·
I have Zen configuration management 10 running on my network. Currently I have 41 computers and I'm still in the testing phase.

I've noticed that Zen is leaving a text file in my users home folders.

The file is ZISD.txt and the contents being....

[LNT]: Trying PhysicalDrive 0
[GDGNT]: returning 1
[LNT]: Reading from \\.\PhysicalDrive0:sector 5
[LNT]: ISD read successfully
[LNT]: returning 0
[isdRD]: returning 0
[ziRD]: hddVer: 1 iAmtVer 0
[ziRD]: User hdd ISD
[ziI]: started

This string repeats over and over filling the txt document for 1000's of lines. Does anyone know how to stop this from happening or why it happens?

Any info would be great! Thanks!!!

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