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    Zikon’s nanotechnology-based electronic ink debuts at Launch: Silicon Valle


    by mediaspin ·

    Is this for real: Mateusz Bryning, CTO of Zikon, says that the companies new electronic ink technology could be used to produce color-changing fingernails. A video is posted at:

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      by gsg ·

      In reply to Zikon’s nanotechnology-based electronic ink debuts at Launch: Silicon Valle

      you evil spammer. May you be crushed to death by a ton of pork by-products.

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        Why is asking a question spam?

        by mediaspin ·

        In reply to Gotcha

        …..and there are plenty of other links to blogs in many posts around here. So what is your problem?

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          Respecting culture

          by glenn from iowa ·

          In reply to Why is asking a question spam?

          I don’t mean culture as in an ethnic heritage, but more like the culture found at a particular company. Although your post probably is not technically spam, at the online community of TechRepublic, the culture dictates that there is a fine line between 1) posting a link to a relevant page on-topic to shed light on a discussion and 2) posting a link to promote your own interests or to promote a product you are interested in.

          I am answering your question because you actually left a reply, which most spammers do not bother to do. But since both of the comments you have left in your few short days of being a member link to the same blog, I suspect you have a vested interest in this blog. Members of the TR community contribute to discussions, but asking “is this for real” and then linking to a blog is not really a question and contributes nothing to TR nor to your participation in the community here.

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