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zip files, and intallation issues

By Merrill ·
I use MSN and there is issues with opening zip files as attachments. I can open the attachment but when I attempt to unzip it, XP says the file is corrupt. I'm using the built in zip utilties. I use Norton SystemWorks 2003, MSN scans this file with Macaffie AV before I read it. I had the file sent several times and the person send it says the file is working when it was sent. Also the windows installer comes up with a error code 1628 while trying to install a patch for a recently bought game. I'm stumped, system is updated and no apparent OS problems exsist. thanks for your help

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zip files, and intallation issues

by TraverseTek In reply to zip files, and intallatio ...

1) I have read in several places that MSN/Hotmail has problems with corrupting attachments that are zipped. I would suggest that you try a 3rd party zip utility, such as WinZip, to unzip the attachments. And if the person doing the sending is using MSN as well, ask them to compress the file on their end using some 3rd party program as well (If they're using MSN, have them cc a copy of the message to themselves, to see if they get the same corruption.)

2) Error 1628 is, as you've seen, an"installation error." Often occurs when you've installed 2 versions of a piece of software, then uninstalled one of them. Windows thinks the program is completely gone, so when you go to update/remove the second copy, you run into problems. I would try uninstalling and reinstalling the game (after making backups of my saved games ;-) .) Then apply the new patch. If that doesn't work, there are many uninstaller programs available that could help ensure the program gets completely removed before the reinstall.

Good Luck :-)


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