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Zombies Vs Werewolves, Who would win?

By Slayer_ ·
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Personally, I am for Zombies, if we follow the traditional zombie apocalypse, getting bit by a zombie turns you into a zombie. And traditional Werewolf says getting bit by a werewolf turns you into one.
So a Zombie werewolf or a Werewolf zombie.
Advantage to zombies though, cause they don't require a full moon.

What do you guys think?

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I vote Zombies

by Slayer_ In reply to Zombies Vs Werewolves, Wh ...

+1 vote this if you want Zombies

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I vote Werewolves

by Slayer_ In reply to Zombies Vs Werewolves, Wh ...

+1 Vote this if you want Werewolves

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First, I need to know... which zombie rules are we going by?

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Zombies Vs Werewolves, Wh ...

Most pertinently : does ingesting zombie bits turn you into a zombie?
Can you say "zombie werewolves"?
Alternatively, if only silver can pierce a werewolf's pelt, then that's another important thing to consider...

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I don't think eating a zombie would turn you into a zombie

by Slayer_ In reply to First, I need to know... ...

Though if it did, that would definitely be advantage to the zombies.

I have never seen a sci fi where the Werewolf was ONLY vulnerable to silver. Most Sci Fi's has the wolf die if it is injured bad enough. At least that is the pattern I noticed.

Even if they were invulnerable to everything but silver (so Zombie rappers with silver teeth can kill a were wolf??? lol) they would eventually starve to death if they could not eat the zombie. That is of course assuming they could not find food in human form.

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by AnsuGisalas In reply to I don't think eating a zo ...

I decided for zombies.
They have their weaknesses, but eventually they'll get lucky enough to find a werewolf to swarm, and after that they'll have the werewolf-zombie on their side, can you say <a href=>Varkolak</a>?

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A thought though, a Werewolf zombie would still be a rotting corpse

by Slayer_ In reply to Yeah...

Most zombies are squishy by nature, they are rotten dead bodies.
Such a werewolf zombie would probably lose its claws very quickly.

Also, what kind of disposition would a werewolf zombie have? A zombie is a mindless creature hunting for food, a werewolf is a primitive mind looking for food. If the werewolf became mindless, would it even know how to use its natural weapons?

Of course, if we went resident evil style apocalypse, then the birds would kill off the werewolves very quickly.

Zombie by day, werewolf by moon light, :)

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I guess

by AnsuGisalas In reply to A thought though, a Werew ...

the mindless werzombwolf would manage as well as the mindless zombies.
They use their fingernails and teeth just fine, far as I recall.
Also, consider this: a zombie is often much stronger than it was when alive... that'd probably go for the werzombwolf, too. It'd be ... quite strong then.
Or should I say "Ö_ö"?

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Never thought of that

by Slayer_ In reply to I guess

Kind of like a druggie, they don't feel pain. That would be scary.

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Zombies move slow, and have normal human teeth

by robo_dev In reply to Zombies Vs Werewolves, Wh ...

While werewolves, when not playing basketball (e.g. movie Teen Wolf, starring Michael J Fox), would present a potent force. Being a carnivore with sharp teeth and claws would be a considerable advantage against slow moving zombies.

If, however, the Werewolves who killed Zombies were turned into Zombie-Wolfs by exposing themselves to whatever disease caused the Zombie-ism, this would tend to turn the tide towards the Zombies, as the Zombie-Wolf hybrids would be able to lure and kill unsuspecting Werewolves.

A successful tactic might be for the Zombies to use an attractive female Zombie-Wolf hybrid to lure unsuspecting male Werewolves to their doom.

Assuming that Werewolves would get infected, then the Werewolves would need to adapt by devising alternate ways to kill Zombies (e.g. pushing them off buildings versus dismembering them) or take appropriate precautions from contact with the bodily fluids of the Zombies (e.g. protective gloves/eye protection/surgical masks).

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And we all know

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Zombies move slow, and ha ...

that werewolves are renowned for their ability to analyze a situation, weighing risks against benefits.
And also how they gleefully forgo their natural weaponry for, say, the elevator and defenestration method, or using harvesters or similar vehicles

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