12 of the most recommended network monitoring tools

PRTG Dashboard view

Most organizations, from the smallest office to the largest enterprises rely on some kind of network monitoring tools to help them analyze performance issues, alert them to threats, and provide reports on the health of the network environment. TechRepublic contributors have kicked the tires on many of them and we've received feedback from members on their own favorites. Here is a round up of some of the most used and recommended. Each one is linked back to a more comprehensive overview or tip on each product.

PRTG Network Monitor monitors system availability using a variety of methods from simple ping through SNMP and WMI protocols to specific tasks such as HTTP, DNS, and Remote Desktop availability using various sensors. Using specific sensors for specific machines, an administrator can monitor service availability - including Exchange and SQL - and be notified instantly of problems. Also, PRTG comes with some bandwidth monitoring sensors, so you can ensure that malware designed to do DoS, “phone home”, and other overload activities are not operating on your network.

PRTG supports all Windows versions, XP/2003 or later. See the full spotlight review.

By Selena Frye

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