75 must-read geek books

Atlas Shrugged

This gallery of fiction and nonfiction books every geek should read is a compilation of recommendations from TechRepublic members, contributors, and editors. (You can also view the recommendations in list format in this Geekend post.) If you want to recommend a geek book to the TechRepublic community, post the title in this discussion.

Atlas Shrugged, recommended by Edmond Woychowsky as the ultimate geek book, discusses how modern "geeks" hold the weight of the heavens upon their shoulders like Atlas in the Greek myths. Ayn Rand's tenets are in total contrast to modern business theories (for instance, there is no "I" in team) and suggest that certain individuals are irreplaceable. Edmond wrote, "I find the concept of a world that demands the fruits of geek labor, yet belittles the geeks themselves strikingly familiar."

This book is sure to spark a memory or two in your mind and stimulate conversation, which Edmond's original TechRepublic post did.

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