AM-DeadLink: The Right Tool for the Job?


In the past several years, my browser bookmarks list has ballooned to more than 200 links. I wanted to purge the dead and duplicate links from my list, but manually opening each link seemed just too time consuming. Luckily, I found AM-DeadLink.

Despite its quirks, AM-DeadLink does a good job of detecting dead and duplicate links on your Internet browser bookmarks or favorites list. This handy freeware application works on Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server and supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, and Firefox. You can even double check AM-DeadLink's results with the application's internal preview feature.

You can download AM-DeadLink from Martin Aignesberger's Web site.

By Bill Detwiler

By Bill Detwiler

Bill Detwiler is Editor in Chief of TechRepublic and the host of Cracking Open, CNET and TechRepublic's popular online show. Prior to joining TechRepublic in 2000, Bill was an IT manager, database administrator, and desktop support specialist in the ...