Automate tedious tasks with these five apps

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For those experienced enough to be users of Windows 3.1 back in the early to mid-90s, Microsoft had this neat little utility called Macro Recorder, which could log your keystrokes as well as mouse movements and clicks, then record them to a file for playback at a later time. Such automation could take the tedious nature of tasks completely out of the picture all the while saving you time and energy. In subsequent versions of Windows, the Macro Recorder no longer was bundled with the operating system.

Luckily, third parties have jumped in to fill the void with quality step-by-step task automation toolkits and macro recorders that either meet or exceed the functionality of the classic Macro Recorder of old. Here are five applications that provide this convenience to Windows users.

Credit: Images by Matthew Nawrocki for TechRepublic

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