Cracking Open the Eicon Diva ISDN Modem

The many tabs

Who remembers ISDN? Back in the day, some said it was a good alternative to dial-up Internet, in which you could get blazing fast speeds of up to 128k or so. Still others mutilated the Integrated Services Digital Network acronym into abominations such as: It Still Does Nothing, Innovations Subscribers Don't Need, and I Still Don't Know - I am partial the first one.

In my opinion (this IS an opinion column, isn't it?), ISDN was indeed an excellent alternative to 56k dial-up when DSL was not available, but not for the feint of heart. Its configuration options left most mainstream users frustrated at best, with options including SPID's, and U/T/S/R type interfaces. Some of the old-timers here at work have said that ISDN would have been the standard like DSL, if they would have been able to make it work.

Alas, ISDN, while still useful in some business circumstances, has gone by the dusty consumer wayside along with dial-up, Beta tapes, and LP albums.

Hence we have cracked open a fine ISDN specimen, an Eicon Diva T/A. Eicion, a Canadian Company, is now known as Dialogic, and still makes similar equipment as well as dabbling in VoIP.

In this first frame, I show the GUI configuration tabs for the Diva. For most IT folks, it would not be too intimidating, but a bit too much I think, for users.

You'll probably need to view full-size if you want to be able to read it.

Photos taken by Drew McBee for © TechRepublic.