After Hours

E3 2010: A first look at Twisted Metal for PS3

Sweet Tooth is back!

The Sony press conference at E3 2010 featured the latest in a line of games called Twisted Metal. David Jaffe, who also created the God of War series, debuted the new game, delighting yours truly. The game has had releases on PS1, PS2, PSP, and PS3; when the latest version comes out in 2011, it will only be available on PS3, which means I now have a reason to buy a PlayStation in 2011.

The announcement for Twisted Metal included a video sequence, a live ice cream truck with a man dressed as the character Sweet Tooth, and a gameplay video that showed off the traditional free-for-all mode, as well as the new cooperative multiplayer mode dubbed Nuke. In the opening video, Sweet Tooth picked up a cigar and used it to set his head on fire, as it should be.

If you aren't familiar with the game, Twisted Metal is a third person vehicular shooter built around a set of characters who broke out of an asylum where they were serving time as deranged murderers. The game has traditionally been a campaign game where you progress through the story as you defeat all of the other cars on each level, but Twisted Metal: Black (for PS2) evolved into an online game, with multiplayer free for all matches played over the Internet.

All images are from the GameSpot feed of the Sony press conference at E3 2010. / Photos are courtesy of GameSpot, a CBS Interactive site.