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andy j. moon

I have been working full time in the IT field since 1996, when I worked a dual role as a salesman and technician. I moved into the technical realm completely in 1997 as a consultant, where I worked contracts for the City of Houston, Exxon, and Metro. \ \ \ In 1997, I also began training and developed a love for education, particularly post-secondary education. I really enjoyed teaching people that weren't forced by law to be in my classroom. I taught as my primary job responsibility for four years, and I had never felt more at home than I did in front of a class full of students. \ \ \ In 2001, I began working in the IT department for a community college just south of Houston and was their Server Support Specialist for seven years, during which I completed my Associate's degree from the same institution. In 2008, I moved to a four year University in Houston, where I am the IT Manager for a department. I completed my BS in Management of Information Systems in May of 2009 and began an MBA program with a global specialty the following fall. \ \ \ My most likely path will have me complete my MBA in 2011, after which I will start work on my doctoral degree, specializing in Educational Leadership.

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