Screenshots: Expand Outlook functionality with the help of these five add-ins


Microsoft has spent a great deal of time and resources trying to improve the Outlook interface, but the app could still use some help when it comes to ease-of-use features. This gallery offers a look at several add-ins that could improve your daily interaction with the Outlook email client.

If you are a subscriber to Office 365, these add-ins will be installed into both the desktop version and the online version of the application. You need to install only once and let synchronization take its course,.

To see a complete list of all the available add-ins, log in to Office 365 online and then click or tap the Office Store tile. You can also get to the Office Store from the Desktop version of Outlook (it's in the Ribbon), but that access path is not nearly as interactive as the browser version.

Note: This gallery is also available as an article.


By Mark Kaelin

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