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Favorite video game characters: One geek's picks

Mario - The original go anywhere, do anything video game character!

I have played lots of video games throughout the years, and I have developed an affinity for some of the characters in those games. In this gallery, I highlight 10 of my favorites.

Few video game characters are quite as iconic as Nintendo's Mario. From his first appearance in the 1981 arcade game Donkey Kong, people loved to play Mario. Super Mario Brothers was only one of the smash hit console games to feature the character; two more titles that feature Mario are Super Mario Cart and Super Smash Bros.

Mario has appeared in more games that I have played than any other character; the genres include stand-up arcade games, racing games, and level/puzzle games. He and his brother Luigi have been a part of my gaming life since I was about 11-years-old.

Photo courtesy of GameSpot, a CBS Interactive site.