Five apps for tracking your competitors' performance

Whether you're in sales, executive leadership, or working as a junior IT analyst, keeping up with competitive companies is a great idea. Most industries will have innovators, cost-cutters, vanguards, and upstarts, and watching these companies and comparing them to your own will give you a sense of where your company sits on the spectrum, as well as where the industry is headed.

Mobile devices are great tools for competitive analysis, allowing you to get a quick read on your industry during a morning commute or a sales call on a customer, where your chair might still be warm from a competitor making a similar visit. Here are five apps that will help you analyze your competitor's performance.

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By Patrick Gray

Patrick Gray works for a leading global professional services firm, where he helps companies rapidly invent and launch new businesses. He is the author of Breakthrough IT: Supercharging Organizational Value through Technology as well as the companio...