Five Apps: Free human resource virtual appliances

Five free virtual appliances geared specifically for human resources and sales

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If you're looking to virtualize a portion of your business, why not start with HR? With the help of VirtualBox, and a few virtual machines, you can easily have a number of powerful tools to make your human resources department run smoothly. The good thing about virtual appliances, they are incredibly quick to deploy as well as cost effective. All you need is a server, VirtualBox, a downloadable virtual appliance, and a little time. Once you're up and running, the human resources department will thank you for handing over the keys to a world of efficient work flow and power.

But where do you get these virtual appliances and which ones should you try? I've narrowed down the list to five and have them here for you to discover. Read on to determine if one (or more) of these appliances will serve your HR department.

Credit: Images by Jack Wallen for TechRepublic

By Jack Wallen

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