Five Apps: Optical disc utilities for Windows

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For most tasks, the disc burning functions built into Windows usually cover all of our basic needs. Personally though, I might want to really get access to under-the-hood settings and fine tune my output. For instance, when I want to burn an ISO for a disc that will go into a finicky drive, I want to be able to not only adjust the burning speed, but also choose additional settings for disc-at-once or session-at-once modes.

With discs going out of style in this day and age, it might seem old hat to look at some utilities that handle the medium, whether it be CD-Rs, DVD-Rs or even BD-Rs. Still, I like to use such tools anyway, particularly when thumb drives aren't handy or aren't necessarily a viable option, such as sneaker-netting files between pre-USB 2.0 boxes or installing legacy operating systems. Here are a few disc tools that I find helpful and useful in achieving these goals.

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