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Photos: 23 vacation reads that take a fictional look at real technology

​The fictional world of real technology

I don't know about you, but I spend a lot of time reading about, researching, and speculating on how the future of technology will reshape our world.

These 23 books all look at technology, both modern and not-so-modern, and ask "what if." The results aren't always great for the worlds the protagonists inhabit, but that's the point--sometimes we get so caught up in the potential benefits of new technology that we don't stop to ask what will go wrong if ill-intentioned, or just plain greedy, people get their hands on it.

Read on to get some recommendations for books, both light-hearted and dead serious, that feature technology as a core component of their storylines.

Note: This gallery is also available as a free PDF download.

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By Brandon Vigliarolo

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