Photos: 10 major automakers using 3D printing today

1. Ford

Carmakers are using 3D printing for everything from custom details to creating over 75% of the car. With the technology, the design and production process could be expedited, potentially saving money and bringing cars to market faster. Spare parts, even for older models, could also be more readily available for service centers.

Ford has been developing ways to use 3D printing for car parts for years. In May 2015, the company used computer printed engine parts in an EcoBoost-powered race car, suggesting the pieces could stand up to the demand of racing. In March 2017, Ford announced it was testing creating large-scale parts using 3D printing, a process the company said was increasingly affordable and efficient.

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Image: Ford

By Olivia Krauth

Olivia Krauth is an Education Reporter at Insider Louisville.