Photos: The 11 least secure connected devices

1. Video cameras

It's no secret Internet of Things (IoT) devices aren't the most secure--but what devices are the worst offenders? Tech and security experts told TechRepublic which connected devices had their vote for least secure.

For several experts, various forms of video cameras won out, especially those meant to be low cost, consumer options.

"Based on data available, it's apparent that connected video cameras are currently the least secure connected devices," Lancen LaChance, vice president of product management, IoT Solutions for GlobalSign, said. "The issues in these devices can be attributed to weak supply chain controls, which has resulted in the insecure and lack of vetted software being incorporated in a range of devices. By incorporating shared access credentials in the designs, a compromise of one camera has exposed entire product lines."

Image: iStockphoto/jakkritpimpru

By Olivia Krauth

Olivia Krauth is an Education Reporter at Insider Louisville.