Photos: A list of the world's self-driving cars racing toward 2020

The world's self-driving cars, in photos

In the race to build the world's best self-driving car, traditional automakers like Toyota and Ford are being joined by tech companies like Google, Baidu, and even (it's rumored) Apple. This will have a major impact on businesses and professionals. Companies could use automated vehicles to replace corporate fleets for last-mile deliveries or transporting employees. Professionals could gain productive hours in the day by working instead of driving during their daily commute. And it is poised to drastically alter the car insurance industry by substantially lowering accidents on the road––a new report predicts that accidents will drop by 80% by 2040.

Check out TechRepublic's photo gallery for an insider's peek into the autonomous cars of the future, which will be powered by artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing. We'll update this gallery as new models emerge.

Image: iStockphoto/MartialRed

By Hope Reese

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