Screenshots: Connect to various storage solutions with these five Android apps


Android works well with networks. It also makes it easy to connect to various services on your company network… including your storage. Of course, nearly every major NAS manufacturer offers an app for its devices, but what about those who are looking for a more generic (or in-house) solution? Fortunately, Android has plenty of tools for that as well.

I did some digging and testing and found five of the handier storage and even NAS-ready tools available for the Android platform. With these you should be able to connect to a number of storage solutions from Windows shares, Samba shares, WebDAV, FTP, and NAS—and even keep your NAS awake.

If you happen to have a specific NAS on your network, your best bet is to go with the solution offered by the company that sold you the device. But if the company doesn't have an app for its NAS, one of these solutions could be just what you need.

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By Jack Wallen

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