Screenshots: Five apps for the serious do-it-yourself'er


If you're a do-it-yourself’er, you know that inspiration can come from just about anywhere. And when that inspiration hits, you want to be ready to plan, work, and finish your ideas. Fortunately, your Android device can give you a hand in your ventures. But what apps should you consider? Some are dedicated specifically to DIY projects, but most are little more than image galleries with zero how-to instructions. Most DIYers want more than pretty pictures. For that, you turn to apps ready to instruct you or help you solve common DIY problems.

Let’s dig into the Google Play Store and see what we can find to help make your DIY projects easy from start to finish.

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By Jack Wallen

Jack Wallen is an award-winning writer for TechRepublic, The New Stack, and Linux New Media. He's covered a variety of topics for over twenty years and is an avid promoter of open source. For more news about Jack Wallen, visit his website jackwallen....