Screenshots: Five apps to help you waste a little time


Let’s face it, not every second of every day is spent doing something productive. Once in awhile you simply have to kill some time. Whether you’re waiting for an interview, a meeting, or a bus, you have the perfect opportunity to spin down your work brain and enjoy a moment of mindless entertainment.

As you might expect, it’s incredibly easy to kill a stretch of time when you have a smartphone in front of you. In fact, the time you wind up wasting could begin to seep into the actual time devoted to being productive... so be careful, lest your day end up passing by before you get a single thing done.

Which apps should you consider when you need to kill a bit of time? You could just plug in any number of games, but I want to go beyond games (though I’ll include at least one) and look at other categories. I won’t bother with the obvious (such as Facebook and Twitter). With that said, let’s dive in and waste some time.

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By Jack Wallen

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