Screenshots: Five encryption tools for Windows

TrueCrypt 1

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On any given installation of Windows Vista or 7 Ultimate or Windows 8 Pro, there is a neat little built-in feature for encrypting drives called BitLocker. Although it has its uses, like operations involving the encryption of your system drive, a Trusted Platform Module or TPM chip is required. Some business-grade laptops and desktop motherboards supply this hardware, but not everyone has access to a TPM.

Perhaps full disk encryption is not the goal here, and you want to encrypt files on an individual basis rather than partitions, or you want to create virtual mountable "encrypted disk" files that you can tote around and attach at will, whenever you need to drop or grab a file. Whatever your end goal, I will show you five apps for disk and file encryption that will get the job done handily, no matter the task.

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Credit: Images by Matthew Nawrocki for TechRepublic

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