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Slideshow: Explore the new Google+ user interface

Drag and drop

Just when you thought you'd come to know and understand Google+, that you'd hit the peak of the learning curve - boom. You arrive on the page and suddenly there are big photos here, the buttons are over there, and maybe it looks a bit crisper and more modern, but where is everything? And, more importantly, what are you missing out on that's new but subtle?

Let's take a guided, time-crunched tour through what's new in Google+ on the web. The mobile apps look mostly the same, for now, but those will likely update soon. Head to with your Google or Google Apps account, and let's get to pointing and clicking.

The sidebar

Google+ took the navigation tools that used to be small links at the top of your "stream," or the main column of Plus items, and moved them over to the left. They also made them customizable. So if you tend to use the Photos section of Google+ quite a bit (and, really, you should, because it's probably the best feature), you can click and hold down on Photos and drag it up the sidebar, putting it right at the top or wherever you see fit. Stuff you don't need displayed prominently on the left can be dragged on top of the "More" button to be tucked away.

This gallery is also available as a post in the Google in the Enterprise Blog.

Images created by Kevin Purdy for TechRepublic