Top ten features in the Windows 10 October 2018 Update

Windows 10 October 2018 Update

After three years of feature updates every six months, Windows 10 continues to add new features and improve existing ones. The move to 'modern' controls for Settings goes on, but the control panel lives on even as the Fluent Design System is applied to more Windows elements.

There are some long-term changes that haven't made it into this update (adding tabs to applications with Sets is still in development), and some features like the snipping experience keep changing over and over again with little actual improvement. Also, one of the key features, integration with Android devices to quickly access recent phone photos and see and reply to text messages, is powered by services included in the October 2018 Update but actually delivered via the separate Your Phone app, which needed much more development when ZDNet examined it recently.

Image: Mary Branscombe/TechRepublic

By Mary Branscombe

Mary Branscombe is a freelance tech journalist. Mary has been a technology writer for nearly two decades, covering everything from early versions of Windows and Office to the first smartphones, the arrival of the web and most things inbetween.