ZyXEL ZyWALL 1050 enterprise firewall and VPN concentrator

ZyXEL ZyWALL 1050 - Top

From the ZyXEL:

"The ZyWALL 1050 offers cost effective and powerful Firewall/VPN security protection for today's businesses. It includes features like QoS, granular user-aware, policy engine, network fail-over/Fail-safe redundancy and protection. Performing at 300Mbps Firewall, 100Mbps VPN, 100Mbps IDP and supports 1000 VPN tunnels; this single security device is packed with features like content filtering, load-balancing and network redundancy which will ensure users with unsurpassed ROI.

The ZyWALL-1050 is able to meet and advance the needs of small to medium businesses by finding cost effective and powerful solutions for secure remote access. It provides network administrators with the ability to control and enforce network policies on the internal network and features High Availability, High Throughput VPN, and SSL VPN which have primarily only been found in enterprise solution devices."

Credit: ZyXEL

By Bill Detwiler

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