Twitter offers a great way to stay up-to-date on news about a wide range of IT and leadership topics. You may already be following tech leaders such as @elonmusk, @BillGates, @satyanadella, @sundarpichai, @tim_cook, @SusanWojcicki, @JeffBezos, and @AngelaAhrendts–now you should check out these 25 tech influencers.

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Kara Swisher @karaswisher: The co-founder of and tech journalist has more than 1.27 million followers and is considered by many to be one of the leading authorities in the field. Swisher tweets about the important news and updates in the tech industry.

Chuck Robbins @ChuckRobbins: Cisco’s Chairman and CEO has 39,400 followers and tweets about all things Cisco.

Andy Jassy @ajassy: The CEO of Amazon Web Services (AWS) has over 21,000 followers and tweets about company news and updates, as well as cloud computing.

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Jeff Weiner @jeffweiner: The LinkedIn CEO has over 600,000 followers and tweets about job tips, technology news, inspirational leadership quotes, and important updates about his company. He even includes pop culture references for good measure.

Megan Smith @smithmegan: The first female US CTO, who served under President Barack Obama, and former vice president at Google, is an entrepreneur, an engineer, and current CEO at shift7. Smith has 28,000 followers and tweets about diversity in tech, STEM education, conferences, and other relevant topics.

Hans Vestberg @HansVestberg_: The Verizon CEO, and former Ericsson CEO, has 14,200 followers and tweets about wireless and 5G news, as well as company updates.

David Cohen @davidcohen: With over 168,000 followers, the entrepreneur and founder/co-CEO of Techstars tweets about investing in startups and advocates for diversity in the tech world.

Emily Chang @emilychangtv: With over 129,000 followers, the author of Brotopia and host of Bloomberg Technology & Studio 1.0 tweets about women working in tech, as well as tech trends and news.

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Molly Wood @mollywood: Host of the Marketplace Tech radio show and former employee of the New York Times, and CNET, Wood has 123,000 followers and tweets about tech news and trends.

Andrew Ng @AndrewYNg: Co-founder of the online learning platform Coursera, Stanford Computer Science adjunct faculty member, and former head of Baidu AI Group/Google Brain, Ng has over 352,000 followers and tweets about machine and deep learning, artificial intelligence, and online education.

Reshma Saujani @reshmasaujani: The founder and CEO of Girls Who Code, a nonprofit organization that prepares young women for careers in tech, has over 102,000 followers and tweets about the inclusion of women in STEM fields.

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David Heinemeier Hansen @DHH: The Danish author, creator of the popular web application framework Ruby on Rails, and founder and CTO of the web development company Basecamp tweets about the culture in Silicon Valley and general tech industry topics to his 314,000+ followers.

Mary Barra @mtbarra: Engineer and Chairman and CEO of General Motors, Barra has over 42,300 followers and tweets about autonomous vehicle technology and tech news, and advocates for STEM education.

Chris Wright @kernelcdub: The Vice President and CTO of Red Hat, Inc., has 2,590 followers and tweets about company updates and offers his insights about open source and Kubernetes.

Hilary Mason @hmason: Founder of machine intelligence research company Fast Forward Labs, data scientist at Accel, and GM for machine learning at Cloudera, Mason has 112,000 followers and tweets about data science, machine learning, coding, and other interesting tech industry topics.

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Natalie Panek @nmpanek: This aerospace engineer works on the Exomars Rover and tweets about robotics, STEM, conservation, space exploration, and beautiful photographs from her travels. She has 11,100 followers.

Amber Osborne @MissDestructo: She is the CMO of VR training and education company Doghead Simulations and was ranked number two on the Forbes Top 50 CMOs Ranked By Social Media Influence list. Osborne has 40,200 followers and tweets about virtual and augmented reality, tech gadgets, software, and various other technology topics.

Diana Trujullo @FromCaliToMars: NASA jet propulsion lab engineer and mission lead for Mars Curiosity Rover, Trujullo has 3,700 followers and tweets about space exploration, aviation, and STEM and promotes women working in science and technology fields.

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Benedict Evans @benedictevans: With over 256,000 followers, the Andreessen Horowitz partner and mobile and tech industry analyst tweets about coding, Silicon Valley, and many other relevant tech topics.

David Ulevitch @davidu: General partner at Andreessen Horowitz, founder of OpenDNS, and former senior vice president/GM of Cisco Security, Ulevitch has 16,100 followers and tweets about the cloud and cybersecurity.

Randy Bias @randybias: Vice President of Technology/Open Source Software at Juniper Networks and co-founder of the OpenStack Foundation, Bias has 24,500 followers and tweets about open source technology, DevOps, tech industry shows, and the cloud.

Neville Ray @NevilleRay: The Executive Vice President and CTO of T-Mobile has 19,800 followers and tweets about 5G, the company’s breaking news and updates, and wireless technology.

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Jeff Reed @jeffreed415: Senior vice president of product for Cisco’s Security Business, Reed has over 3,000 followers and tweets about cybersecurity tips and tricks to protect your business, digital transformation, and other tech news and innovations.

Christopher Mims @mims: Tech columnist for The Wall Street Journal, Mims has 81,900 followers and tweets about news and opinions about industry trends.

Siraj Raval @sirajraval: The data scientist and YouTube personality has 47,200 followers and tweets about artificial intelligence news and trends, as well as his tutorial videos.

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