Google plugins are a shortcut to programs on Google Chrome plugin pages. When installed, they add a “plugins” button to the toolbar in the browser. When you click on the icon, it opens the plugins menu of third-party apps and Google Chrome extensions that let users access and tailor how they use the web. This is also where you can control Adobe Flash Player, enable and disable the flash player or allow and block Flash and other content for the current site with one click.

Here are five of the best Google Chrome plugins we found for business on Google to help you stay organized and be more productive.

Zoom for GSuite

Zoom for GSuite lets users schedule, join, manage, and customize meetings from mail and Google Calendar. Zoom Meetings provides HD video, audio, and content sharing across mobile, desktops, phones, and conference room systems.

With this Chrome extension on your browser, you can schedule a Zoom Meeting with details from an email, automatically adding the topic, attendees, and attachments based on subject, recipients, and sent documents. Zoom Meeting details can automatically be added to your Google Calendar invitation with one click in Chrome. You can customize meeting options like Join with Video On, Join with Audio Muted, and Join Before Host.


DocuSign eSignature lets you prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements electronically right from various G Suite applications. The free plan comes with
unlimited signing and the ability to send up to three documents for others to sign.

The Chrome extension also includes all the basics, such as “sign here” tags, document routing, and mobile app access. The free plan does not expire so you can access all of your signed documents from DocuSign’s secure cloud storage with a click on your browser.

Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault is a password manager that helps businesses securely store, share and manage passwords and other sensitive data, and access them from anywhere, and now it comes in a Google Chrome plugin. Passwords are encrypted with the strongest encryption standard, AES-256. Passwords can be safely shared among work group members in an organization with this Chrome plugin.

Other features include the ability to launch a direct connection to websites and applications without having to manually enter login credentials. Users of this Google Chrome extension can provision and deprovision passwords to users and user groups in bulk and instantly remove access when a user quits all from a click of their browser. Users’ activity can be tracked, and passwords can be accessed anytime, anywhere from a mobile phone with Google Chrome, even when not connected to the internet.


Lucidchart is a visual workspace that combines diagramming, data visualization, and collaboration to accelerate understanding and drive innovation. Lucidchart’s new Gmail add-on streamlines collaboration by making it easier to access and include your Lucidchart diagrams in Gmail. After a Lucidchart account is connected to Gmail, you will be able to:

  • Access recent Lucidchart documents via the side integrations panel in Gmail.
  • Search and preview a document directly within the Gmail integrations tab and create a new email, attaching your diagram as a PDF or image.
  • Manage document permissions from the integrations tab, but only if you are the document owner.
  • Add a document via the Lucidchart attachment button from an email draft.
  • Receive and view your Lucidchart notifications in Gmail, quickly and easily accessing the associated document.
  • Create a new Lucidchart document.


EasyBib is a bibliography citation generator that automatically cites books, journal articles, and websites just by entering in the titles or URLs. With this Google Chrome plugin Format citations in MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, and more than 7,000 other styles.

When you’re finished creating your bibliography, click Generate Bibliography in your browser, and EasyBib will alphabetize your citations and add them to the end of your paper.