If you are old enough to remember Windows 3.1 and the year 1994, then you probably remember a time when we all spent an extraordinary amount of time installing and configuring screensavers.

We did this as a precaution against CRT screen burn-in, which was a serious problem in 1994. However, now that most of us use LCD monitors, screensavers are not required to prevent burn-in because LCDs don’t have this characteristic.

This past week Greg Shultz rediscovered one of the most ambitious screensavers from that period and produced a photo gallery for us to look at and feel nostalgic about. The Microsoft Scenes Sierra Club Nature Collection provided users with a themed collection of 40 Sierra Club photographs.

Check out the full gallery: Microsoft Scenes screensaver and wallpaper program

I didn’t have this collection myself, but it I see why it was appealing. What was your favorite screensaver? Do you still use a screensaver even though it doesn’t really have a purpose anymore (other than aesthetics)?