Image: iStock/Anastasiia Yanishevska

Most people are likely to still be in quarantine during Valentine’s Day this year. Yes, it’s a manufactured holiday, but these days, we’ll use all the special days of love we can get. From fancy cocktails to thoughtful accessories to aspirational gifts signaling a trip to a foreign land in the future, these are super cool and fun items to check out.


Image: Bartesian

A stylish cocktail is a great way to start a Valentine’s Day evening, and Bartesian offers up “premium cocktails on demand.” It’s not dissimilar to a K-Cup coffee maker and starts with a proprietary cocktail capsule, which the Bartisian identifies. Users select the preferred strength and press mix (it makes mocktails to doubles). Buy a variety pack or a single spirit set of six capsules ($15). A monthly subscription ($43) is customizable and discounted.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2

Image: Samsung

Now at a significantly discounted price from when it bowed last year, this Galaxy Chromebook 2 comes in a Valentine-perfect pretty “Dynamic Red.” The 2-in-1 tablet or laptop includes a 13.3″ QLED display. Slim and portable, it uses Google’s Chrome OS and includes Chrome Apps, such as Google Assistant and Google Meet. Price is starting price; a boosted version is $700.

I-Phone 12 cork case

Image: 15:21

Unique and minimalist, these cork iPhone 12 cases are lightweight, easy to grip, and have a slim profile. The Stockholm-based manufacturer 15:21 uses 100% natural, recyclable, biodegradable, and renewable Portuguese cork and is a listed member of The Ethical Fashion Source, The Global Platform for Sustainable Fashion. Cork is also water-resistant and floats. Cork is harvested from trees grown specifically for 15:21.

In-car phone sanitizer and charger

Image: Utilimedic

Ideal not only for anyone who drives but for those who favor a road trip over a flight, in this COVID-19 era, here’s a sanitizer and charger in one. Designed for use in a car, the UV8LED can clean your phone or any objects that fit in the case, which has a 360-degree UV-LED sanitization that eliminates up to 99.9% of germs, viruses, and bacteria in five minutes. Will fit the largest phones, with or without a case. Not only will it sanitize a phone, cards, or jewelry, but it’s also a wired or wireless charger.

Legends Ultimate Arcade

Image: AtGames

Attention gamer widowers and widows! There are those to whom love would no better be expressed than with the gift of an at-home arcade machine. Some of the classic arcade games included are Centipede, BurgerTime, Tempest, Crystal Castles, Missile Command, Tron, ZooKeeper, Space Invaders, and more. The full-size machine, which stands more than 66″ tall and 29″ wide, features two-player arcade controls, a 24″ HD LCD monitor, down-firing stereo speakers, and Wi-Fi connectivity. The games can be played from the authentic arcade-style control panel, which includes two joysticks, six action buttons per player, a high-performance trackball, and two spinners.

S-Nano tiny earbuds

Image: SOUL

Described as “bite-sized” the S-Nano is the latest product from SOUL. It provides 24-hours of playtime, said the manufacturer, is durable and sweat resistant and comes with a metal carabiner to conveniently attach to keys, tote, or gym bag. It also comes in a sweet array of very cool colors.

Bluetooth Speaker Buds

Image: Duolink

Check this out: The speakers are the case for a pair of TWS earbuds. It offers three modes, portable speaker, dual speakers, and earbuds. The speakers weigh less than a pound but provide six-watts of audio output. Comes with AI noise-canceling mics in a triple array, choice of patriotic colors, navy blue, red, and white. The speaker provides 7.5 times battery recharge for the earbuds, and for use of both the earbuds and speaker, there’s a six-hour playtime with a single charge. Slide and tap earbuds to rewind songs and adjust the volume.

Ambassador Interpreter, universal translator over-the-ear tool

Image: Waverly Labs

Don’t rely on awkward translation programs, here’s how the tech-savvy travel to foreign lands, through two over-the-ear tools, one each used by the two people who want to communicate with each other, but don’t speak the same language (you must be in the same room/close enough for this to work). The universal translator operates in two modes, one where you tap your ear piece to indicate you want it to translate, or an automatic mode where it auto-detects when you are speaking and attempts to translate. Waverly Labs says it translates in 20 languages and 42 dialects. Up to four Ambassadors can be paired to one smartphone. Price is for the wine red; black is $130.


Image: THINKERS Manifesto

THINKERS Manifesto launched the THINKERS Notebook, a smart notebook system for capturing ideas on paper and sharing them in the cloud. Designed for thinkers from the boardroom to the classroom, it combines a 256-page, 5mm dot grid, lay flat journal with an intuitive mobile app to quickly capture and collaborate on pages from the notebook. Journalists can use it as a tool to capture and share their notes.

SleepPhones Wireless sleeping headphones

Image: AcousticSheep LLC

Designed with side sleepers in mind, the speakers are encased in a soft fabric and it’s basically headphones in a headband. These are traditional headphones made “bed-friendly” and cord-free. You and your bedmate can surround yourselves with personalized sounds, without disturbing the other, as you fall asleep. Features 12 hours of battery life and a two-hour recharging time, said the manufacturer. Available in seven styles, which includes two types of hypoallergenic fabric, breeze (breathable wicking, can be used by hot sleepers and those in warm climates, as well as runners and exercisers) and fleece (warm for sleeping, relaxing), and in three sizes, small, medium, and large (see manufacturer’s site for measurements). You can even get it in three different kinds of packaging, gift, retail box, and eco-friendly.