If you are building an Access form based on a query and notice you will
need to add a calculated field, you don’t need to redesign your query — just add
the calculated field to your form. For example, say you are creating a form
based on the Orders query, which consists of fields from the Orders and Order
Details tables. You notice the query does not have a calculated field for the
Total Purchase Price (Quantity*UnitPrice), which you
want to appear on your form. Follow these steps to add a field for this

  1. Open the form
    based on the Orders query in Design Mode.
  2. Click the text
    box tool in the Database Toolbox.
  3. Click and drag
    in the form where you want to display the calculated field.
  4. Click and drag
    to select the Text Box Label and enter Total
    Purchase Price
  5. Right-click the Unbound text box.
  6. Click
  7. Under the Data
    tab, click in the Control Source text box and enter the following formula:


As you enter orders into the form, the Total Purchase
Price will display in the calculated field.

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