Woman taking a video with the Pivo Pod Lite.
Image: StackCommerce

While social media may not be exactly good for society or ourselves, it’s still a pretty fundamental part of business. In today’s world of side hustles and the gig economy, you can’t blame anyone for trying to cut out a bigger piece of the pie.

One of the best ways to do that is by building your social media presence and attracting more followers. That means creating content, and it’s a lot easier to create high-quality content when you have Pivo Pod Lite.

The colorful, affordable Pivo Pod Lite is like having a camera crew in your pocket anywhere you go. The AI-powered phone mount has 360º rotation, intelligent Auto Tracking and a suite of powerful apps to make creating content a whole lot easier.

Pivo Pod uses body tracking and face tracking to quickly react to your movements while keeping you centered in the frame for more natural, engaging looking content. You can move around and Pivo Pod will track you so you won’t have to worry about holding your phone in your hands while trying to make a video. The auto-zoom also intelligently adjusts shots to keep them well-framed, whether you’re doing an unboxing video or a training video for your organization. It even makes editing your videos into engaging content an absolute breeze — even without any prior experience.

Whether you’re creating content or you need a device to help you with your video conference calls, Pivo Pod Lite is portable and designed to go with you everywhere. It’s small enough to fit in your bag and durable enough to go anywhere.

Creating better content just got easier. Right now, you can grab Pivo Pod Lite for just $79.99 while supplies last.

Prices and availability are subject to change.