Starting price$3 user/month, billed annually
Key features
  • Work views include table, kanban and calendar
  • Task lists
  • Scheduling
  • Team workspaces

When “busy” becomes an understatement, that’s when you know you need help. One of the best ways to organize your work and personal life is with task and project management solutions like The application offers scheduling, agile project management, communication and dedicated workspaces. It’s also ideal for on-the-go errands and daily reminders. This review will explore the highlights and general limitations to help you make informed decisions.

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What is

Figure A logo.
Figure A is a task management application for desktop and mobile devices. It can keep track of major deadlines, business workflows or just everyday priorities like groceries. They even have a separate grocery list app to organize your shopping lists by categories like food types, stores and specific aisles.’s main purpose is to provide affordable organization for a variety of use cases. pricing

Pricing PlanCost/month (per user, billed annually)


The free tier of is designed for simple task management for personal needs. Commons users can be busy parents, freelancers, students or the everyday Joe. It does not have the functionality for team collaboration and project management.


With Premium, you finally get access to integrations, color tags and more reminder features. It does not have access to team workspaces.


Workspaces only come in the Teams tier with access to a library of templates and collaboration tools. You also have unlimited projects and admin permissions in your workspaces.

Core features

With an app like, the capabilities aren’t too complicated to understand. Overall, they offer organization and scheduling tools to keep you on track with projects and daily tasks.

Task management task management.
Figure B

The universal feature of is the ability to create simple task lists while working or on the go. You can use it for personal needs like errands and groceries or team needs like project management. The interface is mobile-friendly and allows easy sharing for collaborating on tasks.

Agile project management Agile project management.
Figure C

For project management work, you will need to get their Teams plan to access their work features. Their project management offerings include shared workspaces and templates. Teams will be able to find templates made for agile workflows, such as sprint management, planning and design templates. Other great workspace templates include use cases like marketing overview, onboarding, remote work, sales CRM, budget planning, real estate, construction and more.

Calendar and daily planner Calendar and daily planner.
Figure D

In, users can access the calendar to manage scheduling events, tasks and deadlines. They have the option to add it as a widget on your phone, so your main calendar is one with all your events and priorities. For managing day-to-day, you can access a private daily planner and get smart suggestions for prioritizing tasks.

Workspace collaboration Workspace collaboration.
Figure E

Workspaces in allow for chatting directly with team members and being able to see what everyone is working on. You can avoid missing messages with a color-coded organization and mention coworkers to notify them of important notifications. Their real-time communication will benefit any remote team easily.

Reminders Reminders.
Figure F

If you want to ensure nothing falls through the cracks, you can set reminders. They can be a single task, recurring events or even location-dependent reminders like errands before and after work. It’s designed to make on-the-go work easier and allows you to set events with Siri for faster scheduling. ease of use

The user interface in is extremely simple and modern. It may be too bare for some and doesn’t have many hover labels. Icons may be slightly harder to interpret. They put all options under settings instead of separating options like support and help under the question mark menu.

When you create a workspace, more helpful labels appear, but the workspaces and templates are only a 14-day free trial in any version outside the Teams plan. You can only use for task lists in the Free and Premium versions. Template workspaces are easy to preview as you browse their variety of work options.

Overall, it’s simple to use, which is good for getting started, but it also doesn’t offer much more past its simple features. This makes it best suited to personal work or uncomplicated projects. customer service and support is a simple tool with simple features, so it doesn’t offer dedicated support. It has self-service options and the ability to contact support via an online form.

Help center

In the application’s help center, users can search for help documents and browse the knowledge base for documentation. You can get information on workspaces, tutorials, FAQs and general community resources.

Feature suggestions

Another support option is to offer feedback on the app. You can make feature suggestions so that developers can continue approving the app in the future. Apps that don’t change to keep up with new standards tend to fall into disuse, so being open to change is integral to meeting customer needs.

Support tickets

The only way to get direct help with the app is to fill out a contact form in the app under support in the settings menu. They don’t offer special options like phone, chat or dedicated customer service representatives. pros and cons

Affordable for small teams and individuals.Not many features.
Easy to use.All collaboration features like chats, templates and workspaces are limited to the Teams plan.
Great templates for workspaces.No phone or chat support.

Best uses for

The best part of a simple organization app is that it can fit most needs. With, you can use their personal or team plans to manage projects, events and daily tasks.

Personal organization

If you’re a busy student, parent or professional, you can get organized for your own needs. The app can help with your day-to-day errands, assignments and work. It’s also good for freelancers who need to manage their work and personal lives.

Project management

Business teams can take advantage of collaborative workspace, with niche templates to get started quickly. It can be for time-sensitive work, inventory tracking or employee resource management. As long as your project isn’t too complex, it can be managed with the tools available. If you need automation, reporting and in-depth analytics, then a tool like Asana, ClickUp or Notion would be better.

Agile workflows

In, there are a number of templates for sprints and Agile work management. You can use it for design, sales and deadline-driven sprints. With the scheduling and reminder tools, you can make sure important events aren’t overlooked. alternatives and competitors is a great affordable solution, but below there are similar, affordable task and project management tools. Some will suit businesses better while still offering free versions anyone can utilize for personal needs.

Free team workspacesNoYesNoYes
Dedicated supportNoYesNoYes
Timeline viewsNoYesNoNo
AINoYes, for automationYes, for tasksYes, for writing
Functional free planLimitedYesYesYes
Starting price$3 user/month$5 user/month$4 month$8 user/month


Trello logo.
Image: Trello

An awesome, beginner-friendly tool is Trello. They offer list, kanban, calendar, timeline and table views for custom workspaces. Like in, you can personalize backgrounds and color code project items. Their free version is great for individuals and small teams, allowing 10 workspaces, integration access, two-factor authentication, unlimited storage and unlimited activity logs. They also offer AI and scalability for bigger teams to benefit, too.


Todoist logo.
Image: Todoist

If your ideal solution is simple project management, then Todoist is another affordable solution. They have a personal free version for 5 active projects with list and board views. You can have 5 people per project, but team workspaces are only allowed in the Business plan, which is only $6 per user/month, billed annually. In Business, projects are capped at 500, with unlimited team members and guests. It’s both affordable and well-suited for easy collaboration with big teams.


Notion logo.
Image: Notion

Another great solution for personal and team collaboration is Notion. Their free plan has a collaborative workspace with 10 guests, and their next plan up, Plus, jumps to 100 guests for collaboration. It also has powerful features for established teams with complex needs like HIPAA compliance, analytics and user provisioning. review methodology

For evaluation of this product, we tested the free version to take into consideration UI, learning curve and navigation. We looked at their pricing, main features, overall benefits and use cases.

Alternatives offered were chosen by how similar they were to, but with a focus on what more they could do than the application. This way, if potential buyers found the application lacking in one area, they might be able to find something better suited to their needs.

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