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Ataccama ONE and Informatica Data Quality both provide impressive data quality solutions and products. But which one is best for your data quality needs? Take a look at this head-to-head comparison guide to help you select the right solution for your business.

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What is Ataccama ONE?

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Ataccama ONE is a self-driving data management and governance platform that unifies data governance, data quality and master data management into one AI-powered fabric, cutting across cloud and hybrid environments. Ataccama empowers business and data teams to innovate rapidly while maintaining trust and data security.

What is Informatica Data Quality?

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Informatica Data Quality is a platform that delivers data quality, governance and data privacy initiatives through its data quality portfolio. It uses AI-driven automation to provide end-to-end support for increasing data quality needs across users and data types. Informatica Data Quality helps enterprises manage the quality of multi-cloud and on-premises data for all workloads and use cases.

Ataccama vs. Informatica: Feature comparison

Data maskingYesYes
Record deduplicationYesYes
Relationship mappingYesYes
Address validationYesYes

Ataccama ONE vs. Informatica: Head-to-head comparison

Data quality management

Ataccama supports data management needs with the automation of data quality management. Through what the platform describes as self-driving data quality management, Ataccama enables users to quickly understand the state of their data, improve and validate it, and safeguard their systems from bad data. Users can also easily monitor their data.

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With automated data quality rules, Ataccama clients can configure rules once, assign them to business domains and automatically reuse them everywhere. These data quality rules can be customized without coding. The platform also offers anomaly detection through which Ataccama’s AI detects and reports irregularities in data. Finally, Ataccama delivers fast data processing to help its users process any data volumes in a distributed nature without having to move the data.

Informatica also provides users with the tools to manage their entire data quality processes, regardless of the size of their organizations, data volumes and types, and locations of their operations. Clients can enjoy data of trustworthy quality across their business initiatives, whether centered on working with customers, third-parties, products, supplier transactions or IoT device data.

Informatica’s cloud data quality platform enables organizations to implement a complete-lifecycle approach to handling data quality, whether upstream or downstream. The platform grants users the ability to access and deliver data to almost any application, database or system in the cloud or on-premises. It also delivers the performance, scale, fault tolerance and high availability required to consistently process high-volume tasks.

Discovery and profiling

Ataccama’s data profiling feature helps users take the first step toward data quality by empowering them to understand entire data sets, data sources and paths to improvement. The platform does this through data profiling tools that are not only easy to use but also free.

These tools can be used to analyze the quality of contacts in the client lists of business users; analyze database contents for system administrators; show nulls, patterns, business domains and duplicates for data scientists; and help data stewards compare data against sets of business rules. Ataccama delivers advanced features such as foreign key analysis, dependency analysis and drill-down to source data.

Informatica has effective, easy-to-use data discovery and profiling features suited for not only IT users but also business specialists in the organization. Since enterprise data provides the basis for addressing enterprise data quality, data stewards and analysts use Informatica Cloud Data Quality to depict a full picture of the content, structure and quality of enterprise data.

The data profiling features assist users in understanding the structure and content of their data. As a crucial step in any data project, Informatica ensures that users can identify the strengths and weaknesses in their data and assist them in fully and correctly defining their project plans. Initial data profiling helps enterprises to understand their source data and reconcile it with target systems.

Data integration

Ataccama delivers flexible data integration to integrate data from numerous sources, raise data quality and deliver reliable data to users in various styles. Users can very simply create, test and deploy data integration pipelines. Flexible ETL allows them to implement predefined data pipelines without seeing the data, interactively work with data as well as transform data directly in the data lake. Users can also integrate data from any source into a data store of their choice.

Pre-built transformations and data quality functions help Ataccama clients to validate and improve data quality while integrating data. They can also create and reuse their own transformations and functions.

Data quality and data integration go hand in hand. Informatica recognizes this reality and offers complementary integration and quality tools to support organizations that are tackling fragmented and defective data. Informatica’s cloud data integration capabilities add value to data quality initiatives as they scale and become embedded much deeper in operational systems and processes. Its underlying Integration Platform as a Service solution delivers performance and scale to expose enterprises to the actual value of their information assets.

The iPaaS solution offers integration and delivers data from any business system, in whichever format, and accurately delivers the data throughout the enterprise at the required speed. Users can use a visual mapping sample designer to create simple to compound data integration loads. This designer can connect different endpoints across on-premises and cloud environments with pre-built transformations to expedite development.


Ataccama ONE offers a free trial and provides data profiling tools to use for free. However, to get access to the Catalog and Glossary, Data Quality and Preparation, Master Data and Big Data features, prospective users have to contact Ataccama to request demos; current pricing information is not publicly listed. Similarly, Informatica Data Quality offers a free trial, but prospective users have to contact the Informatica sales team directly, as pricing information is also not publicly listed.

Choosing between Ataccama and Informatica

Ataccama ONE and Informatica Data Quality are highly effective data quality, governance and management tools. However, customer reviews point to concerns about Ataccama having a learning curve when it comes to implementation and use. Ataccama may be unsuitable for your enterprise if your team lacks the technical knowledge to use the tool.

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Informatica may also have a learning curve, especially in creating rules and dashboards for less-technical business users. Nonetheless, the choice depends on your organization’s unique data quality challenges and the technical capabilities of your team.

Not sure if these tools fit your needs? Take a look at some of the other Top data governance tools on the market today.

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