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Dropbox announced Wednesday that its collaboration software and e-signature product is now available via the Amazon Web Servicesmarketplace. Customers can add these services directly to an existing AWS bill.

Deb McClure, Dropbox VP of sales for the Americas, said she is excited for her company to join the AWS marketplace to help customers with application and workflow integration. McClure said HelloSign clients use the e-signature functionality to close sales more quickly and to onboard remote employees.

“E-sig is also a court admissible audit trail that can remove some remediation costs,” she said. “We see customers inquiring about that use case as well.”

She said the partnership accomplishes several strategic goals for Dropbox:

  1. Providing end-to-end digital workflow to a critical market
  2. Expanding the company’s reach through the marketplace
  3. Joining the AWS Independent Software Vendor ecosystem

“Dropbox and AWS are on the leading edge of catering to the remote work experience,” she said. “We support asynchronous collaboration also by connecting everybody with what they need.”

Regardless of what the future of work looks like, there will always be the need for dynamic collaboration capacity, said Chris Grusz, director of business development at AWS Marketplace.

“It’s kind of table-stakes these days to have solutions that work in a virtual environment,” he said. “This is the piece that they are rationalizing for.”

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Grusz said the new partnership supports a trend of tech buyers looking to buy more and more software from one place, such as storage and networking services as well as line-of-business applications.

“For companies that are migrating to the cloud, they like the pay-as-you-go options but the marketplace allows negotiated subscriptions as well,” he said.

Companies moving to the cloud have to decide what to do with existing software, Grusz said, and that decision comes down to keep, upgrade or decommission.

“Any time there is a platform change, customers start to rationalize their software portfolio,” he said. “Companies can take this opportunity to uplevel existing functionality and with Dropbox they can improve collaboration and back-office workflows.”

The target customers include organizations in the public sector, SMBs and mid-market companies as well as any group offering more remote work options.

Grusz said that the AWS Marketplace team’s work in 2022 includes improving the search function, building out storefronts and strengthening relationships with ISVs.

“Now a channel partner can be authorized to resell tech out of the marketplace and they can also see professional services,” he said. “They make some money on the resale, but a lot of their revenue comes from the service part of the business.”