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We all remember our foreign language courses in high school – and we don’t often remember them fondly. More than other classes like math or biology, Spanish, French or German training felt like a forced march, trudging through robotic verb conjugations and vocabulary recitations that sapped the joy out of learning a new way to communicate.

Thankfully, technology has breathed new life into language learning – and even offered a few exciting new methods that would have kept “High School You” much more engaged. Right now, you can access Babbel Language Learning’s complete 14-language library of elite training to help understand foreign cultures the right way.

Behind over 1 million Apple App Store and Google Play reviews, users have given Babbel a resounding 4.6 stars out of a 5-star rating, confirming that Babbel’s innovative take remains the gold standard for online language learning.

Created in consultation with more than 150 language teachers and linguistic experts, Babbel is confident their training can have you speaking with confidence in a new language in as little as three weeks.

That’s accomplished through Babbel’s immersive learning process, helping learners grasp basic conversational skills in their language of choice. Their sessions don’t rely on stale speaking exercises and abstract vocabulary lists; instead, they allow students to hone in on the words and phrases in ways native speakers actually speak and relate to each other.

Babbel lessons are 10-minute training sessions that delve into everyday life situations that people discuss, including family, shopping, food and more.

As those beginners start to make connections and advance in their new language, Babbel uses integrated speech recognition technology to test their pronunciation to help them sound more like a native and communicate confidently.

With the current deal, you can understand a new culture, discover its people, and learn a language while earning up to 60% off a Babbel Language Learning subscription.

Prices and availability are subject to change.