Cloud security, developers, networking and the data center were the key topics at Cisco CEO Chuck Robbin’s keynote on Monday at Cisco Live in Orlando, FL, but there wasn’t a big news announcement as in previous years.

More than 25,000 people are attending Cisco Live, slightly down from 28,000 last year in Las Vegas, where it was held in 2016 and 2017. This year it runs from June 10-14, 2018 at the Orange County Convention Center.

Each year at Cisco Live the audience is similar to those in previous years, but the theme and topic changes slightly and this year it’s “imagine” and “intuitive.” Of course, networking is always a big component of Cisco Live, since Cisco is the master of networking. But since Cisco is a $130 billion company, that means there is much more to Cisco with all of its acquisitions and product development, and CEO Chuck Robbins likes to use Cisco Live to showcase the other components of this massive corporation as well as the new era of networking.

Customer relationships are becoming more complex as companies move to the hybrid cloud, and with mobile devices, IoT, and the data being accumulated at the edge, it is putting more emphasis on the network, and the data center is king.

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Traditionally at Cisco Live, the CEO invites a top executive from a partner company onstage. Last year it was Apple’s Tim Cook, this year it was Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene. The duo talked about their hybrid cloud project, but it was at a high level without any solid news delivered, although there is a promise of networking news to come on Tuesday.

During the keynote, Green said, as reported by ZDNet’s Corinne Reichert, that the Cisco-Google cloud offering will help modernize the developer environment with a 10x productivity improvement.

Cisco and Google Cloud had announced their hybrid cloud partnership in October, so that customers can run and move applications between Cisco-powered data centers and the Google Cloud Platform through Kubernetes and Istio. And on May 1, Cisco announced support for a container orchestration program Kubernetes across AppDynamics and Cisco CloudCenter.

Kubernetes is used to manage containers on the cloud and is the most popular container orchestration program.

This is an important program for the cloud, no question. And Greene emphasized how Google worked behind the scenes for “a decade” on Google Cloud before allowing open source 2-½ years ago, so it had many years of refinement before being released.

“It’s a very non-disruptive way to move forward,” Greene said.

There’s something to be said for the enthusiasm of the crowd at each Cisco Live. This year was no different than in the past, with Cisco fans ready to spend the next three days learning more about Cisco and all things networking and hybrid cloud.

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