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If you’re working toward a career in IT, a solid foundation with Linux could help you get started. Mac and Windows operating systems may be popular, but Linux powers all Android devices and runs on a significant portion of desktops, and 96% of the top million web servers are running Linux.

If you want to start learning Linux, the place to begin could be the 2023 Complete Linux Programming Certification Bundle. This bundle contains eight courses featuring 18 hours of instruction, and it’s on sale for $29.99 (reg. $1,600).

Learn Linux Basics

Start your Linux education with Linux Crash Course for Beginners. This five-hour course led by Imran Afzal puts his 20 years of experience with systems administration and engineering to use. You can get familiar with Linux commands, basic system administration, and the core mechanics of the operating system.

Linux is a popular tool for cybersecurity workers and students. In Guide to Security for Linux Systems, you can learn more about applying security measures to a Linux environment to reduce the risk of a Linux system being hacked. These skills may be useful as you look for entry level IT positions, and the two-hour course on job interviews in the tech sphere could help you land the job.

All course materials and videos are available to users for life. Study at your own pace or use them as a supplement to your ongoing education. A recent study predicted there would be up to six million jobs available in the tech sphere by 2030. If you want a career in a growing field, understanding Linux may prove useful.

Save on a lifetime of Linux training

Learn to use the tools of the tech industry. For a limited time, get the 2023 Complete Linux Programming Certification Bundle on sale for $29.99 (reg. $1,600).

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