Want to make a difference in the hearts and minds of professional programmers around the world and become a household name?

Well, it may not get you all of that, but writing for TechRepublic can be a great way to share your experiences with other IT professionals in addition to getting your name up in HTML tags. One TechRepublic contributor used his writing experience to his advantage during negotiations for a new job.

Developer Republic is a new community designed for enterprise application developers and their art. If you have something to share—useful insights or experiences you’ve had during your career or tips about using or learning to use your favorite language—consider writing for TechRepublic.

Become a contributor to TechRepublic’s new Developer Republic and help shape the community. We’re looking for developers who like to write, as well as writers who are familiar with the development world. Article ideas will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in writing for us, send us an e-mail with your qualifications, areas of expertise, and article ideas. Follow this link if you would rather contribute an idea than an article.

Topics for Developer Republic

We’re not aiming to be a code shop. We’ll be covering the bigger picture, including development careers, project management issues, and new technologies. In addition to the community features we have in all our republics—such as discussions and a technical Q&A forum—we’ll have news, downloads, and articles geared toward the interests and needs of enterprise developers.

This list describes the broad topic areas that we’ll write about in Developer Republic:

  • Career—Because you’ll always have to pay the rent. We’ll help you get your dream job with resume tips and salary negotiation tools. Once you get that job, we’ll help you keep it with career advancement strategies and certification information.
  • Project Management—Tips for dealing with scope creep, “featuritis,” and time management. Do people accuse you of programmer-speak? Need help communicating with nontechnical people or working with management? You’ll find it here.
  • Resources—Information that helps you build your things. Here you’ll find web site reviews, book reviews, training materials, and information on how to develop your skills and stay current in today’s warp 9 industry.
  • Languages—All things code. We’ll be focusing on Java and XML and feature C++, VB, and their related tools, but that won’t be all. If it loops, GOTOs, or compiles, we’ll write something about it.
  • Platforms—Write once, run anywhere? Until this is a reality, there will still be plenty of OS and implementation-specific details in your work. We’ll have you covered in this channel with Windows and UNIX content, wireless development, and mainframe integration issues among others.

Real-life solutions

In addition to articles on the topics above, we also plan to publish articles about clever solutions that IT professionals have found on the job. Ever work on a project that went particularly well? What about the ones that were particularly awful? Some of the most popular articles on TechRepublic explain how IT professionals solved problems in their day-to-day work.

What do you want to read?

In addition to recruiting writers, we’re looking for ideas. If you spend your days writing and rewriting code or explaining why you can’t add five new features and meet the project deadline, we want to know what kinds of articles you’re interested in reading. What kind of information will help you do your job better? What resources do you need? What languages or technologies are you interested in learning about? Do you have a favorite tool, method, or language you’d like to see featured in Developer Republic?