Man writing in front of his laptop.
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Just think about how much you write on the job. From emails and contracts to sales pitches and more, you’re always writing in business. If you’re doing it so often, shouldn’t you want to do it well?

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MasterWriter is a collection of writing tools, references, and organizational tools combined into a single, intuitive program. MasterWriter helps you improve your writing and express yourself in a more eloquent and thoughtful way. Leveraging an innovative Word Families dictionary, MasterWriter gives you a resource to find more descriptive words that go beyond what you would find in an ordinary thesaurus.

Other tools in the suite include Phrases, Synonyms, Rhymes, Definitions, Metaphors, Similes, Onomatopoeia, Idioms, Oxymorons, Allusions, Alliterations, a searchable Bible, Pop Culture, Intensifiers, and more to help you fully leverage the power of the English language. MasterWriter helps you organize your writing projects with ease, no matter what device you’re using.

MasterWriter has earned rave reviews from professional writers like Oscar winner Robert Zemeckis, TV writer James Clemente and best-selling author Allan Folsom, who writes: “Writing is re-writing and re-writing and re-writing. MasterWriter is the perfect tool for an impossible job. A decidedly functional helping hand in the dark.”

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